The new terrorist laws backfired again. The computers were down. Airport's Homeland Security could not process 17,000 International passengers into the country, so two to three hundred passengers sat not knowing why for five hours in a plane on the side of the runway.

        Their schedules interupted without knowing what was going on. For all they knew, terrorists had taken over their plane. Can you imagine the imaginations stampeeding among them?

        Instead of remaining cool in a crisis, they began to pound on the interior of the plane. What they should have done was collect a list of names, addresses, phone numbers etc. to file a class action law suit. But they weren't fighting spiritual warfare. They were overreacting as most people will do in similar situations.

        They were literally prisoners for five hours on the plane, and four more hours in a room where they were placed like criminals in a holding tank. Welcome to the world George Bush created for his fellow Americans and guests coming into this country.

        Ask them if they think there is a growing police state in America!

      The news media suggested a passenger's bill of rights needs to be created. Whatever happened to the bill of rights we already possess in America? When did anyone ever obtain the right to incarcerate an entire plane load of passengers?

      All you have to do is look back to September 11th, 2002 when it seems every American was willing to sacrifice some of their rights to obtain national security. In the national stampeed to turn our rights over to a government that has proved incompetent and repressive, if not trecherous; they now have more power than ever to violate the freedoms Americans once possessed.

      This is a nation of people who are far from God and the Spirit of truth necessary to fight spiritual warfare.