The State's Secrets veil was invented during the COLD WAR to block a lawsuit after the crash of a B-29 bomber. Three widows of crewmen sued and sought the official accident reports. The Air Force said the reports could not be revealed because the bomber was on a top secret mission to test new equipment.

      The Supreme Court rulled for the government in the 1953 case, U.S. vs. Reynolds, saying the reports must be suppressed because they could reveal military secrets.

      When the accident reports were declassified in 2000 they revealed only that the aircraft was in poor condition, evidence that might have helped the widows win their suit. There was no military secret.

      Yet, the State Secrets veil remains a part of American law. A law legislated by the judiciary.


      The Bush administration is attempting to hide outrageous and illegal activity of the CIA, behind the veil of State Secrets; yet it is written in holy Scripture: "HE WHO COVERS HIS SINS SHALL NOT PROSPER."

      The CIA has apparently become an agency authorized to kidnap terrorists anywhere they find them in the world. This policy of the administration sounds good on the surface, however to a man by the name of Khaled el-Masri, a German citizen of Lebanese descent who is not the wanted terrorist Khalid al-Masri; the policy does not sound good.

      The Arab fellow was abducted in Macedonia, Greece where he had been on vacation. He was flown by private contgractors to a prison camp in Afghanistan. He attempted to file a law suit in America for unlawful abduction, arbitrary detention and torture by agents of the United States and we are waiting at this time for the Supreme Court to rule on whether America is willing to admit to such atrocities.

      Five months after the abduction, he was dumped on a hillside in Albania. He made it back to Germany where the German government was informed of what took place and they issued arrest warrants for 13 CIA agents for their part in the atrocity.

      Isn't it strange the Bush administration would even think to invoke State Secrets to protect America from what the whole world already knows?

      There is obviously a growing police state from top to bottem in this country and you will do well to educate your mind on how the machinery of it works. For every wicked device at work in our nation's system is pointed at you who believe in Jesus when the seven years of hell on earth comes as a snare upon all of the inhabitants of the earth.

      Every agency that is already unrestrained by law will be unrestrained when there is no law to protect God's people.