Jails are where you would expect to experience a continuing police state with all of your freedoms waiting for you outside in the sun light. But would you expect to go to jail for becoming sick with a contagious disease?

        All that is needed is the concensus of a doctor that you have a highly contagious disease and there you go too. A fellow by the name of Robert Daniels was diagnozed with a drug resistant form of tuberculosis and was tossed in solitary confinement when he failed to isolate himself under doctor's orders. The TB infection he had is so dangerous he never met his court appointed lawyer and of course no jailer would want to wait on him to serve his needs in any way. This in part explains the madness of his incarceration, but not all of the cruelty of it.

        He was confined in a sealed room with the lights left on twenty four hours a day for nine months at the time of this writing. His TV, pay phone and computer were taken from him by deputies. He says they have brought him to the brink of madness. "You can't imagine what it's like," he explained.

        What we have here is a sick near to death twenty seven year old who was not independently wealthy, so he could not afford isolation when ordered by doctors to isolate himself from the public. As a young man he suddenly found himself dying and to add to his torment, he was imprisoned without having been judged guilty of a crime.

        Bully deputies showed their true color in taking his possessions from him. His jailers issued him a booking number which they give to inmates and left his light on twenty four hours a day. He was only allowed a spit bath and contact with the outside world was blocked. There is a difference between incarceration and medical isolation. Apparently the police in Phoenix Arizona do not know the difference.

        By their evil treatment of Robert Daniels, we know how they treat other inmates many of whom are simply waiting their day in court and have not been proven guilty.

        The County of Maricopa in Arizona could certainly serve justice in a much better way by providing a facility for such cases instead of torturing a young man in danger of dying young. And if he did not receive medical help, it appears they would have incarcerated him til the end of his life.

        This is a glimpse of the growing police state in America from inside the jails. May God help those who are unjustly snared in America's prisons.

        When the press got hold of this story, his jailers gave him back his TV and phone but they kept his computer. Was it an expensive computer one of his jailers took home?

        After a year in solitary confinement Robert Daniels was taken to National Jewish for surgery to remove his TB infected lung in the hope antibiotic therapy could bring the remainder of the infection under control. Robert Daniels was clearly held in a cruely unconstitutional and punitive manner in an isolated jail cell without hot water for a shower for a year, with the light on around the clock, with no window to the outside world, and his communications virtually blocked.

        This took place in the United States of America.