Police Chiefs have given their departments powerful tools to make policing safer and easier, but the abuse of those weapons is taking place just as was expected.

        Mace abuse seems harmless, but you would not want to be maced. Yet police and some security guards are generally allowed to use it.

        Here we see an obvious case of mace abuse. A protester has been wrestled down with her leg twisted out of proportion, and her companions are being maced for attempting to protest the first police abuse. They should have known officers who willingly abuse in one way will abuse in another.

        Had their well paying police careers been terminated after such obvious evidence of abuse, their fellow officers would have seriously restricted their use of leg holds and mace. But the trend continues the same. Police everywhere are free to commit brutality and get away with it.

        Police officers trained in "pressure point control tactics" (PPCT) ought to be admonished to not injure suspects with the use of it. In the above picture of abuse, it would not be a surprise to find out the woman down on the ground with her leg twisted terribly, will have problems with that leg for the rest of her life. Law enforcement officers are not to be the judge, jury and executioner. They are to make arrests as safely as possible and deliver suspects to the justice system in the same health they found them.

        Here we see officers macing people who are standing. They are not menancing nor attacking the officers. The use of mace in this photograph clearly indicates the mindset officers have throughout the United States, that they are to be obeyed or else they will use the power entrusted to them by the people to punish those who do not submit to their will.

        Those officers who are abusing their public trust are a disgrace to the uniform they are wearing, and their bad fruit spiritually will be reckoned with by the Lord of glory in Judgment. Meanwhile, two options remain. Make officers accountable for the use of the weapons entrusted to them or take their mace away. These kinds of laws could be passed by the people were there a will to do it.