Law abiding citizens in America should arm themselves.

        The police are executioners of God's wrath according to holy Scripture. This is a fact of faith we ought to respect. However, there is a growing statistic of bully cops killing at the slightest provocation.

        The unwritten code in police departments of ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE produces lies to the media saying the death of the individual is under investigation.

        Standard policy is to give the officers involved a leave of absence with pay to separate them from the rest of the police department and seal off communications about the matter. In other words, a pleasant vacation awaits officers bold enough to pull the trigger on someone.

        The District Attorney's office Internal Affairs at the police department supposedly investigating the matter almost never comes up with a conviction of officers involved even when someone in the public catches them on video or or when large numbers of testimony against an officer exists.

        PR officers representing the department incline themselves to the defense of the officer in question in nearly all cases, and even when they admit to wrongdoing as Chief Bratton did in 2007 after his officers rampaged against Latinoes and Media, what we saw was reassignment. Even when there is reasonable doubt as to the need to prosecute overly aggressive officers in such a situation, given the extenuating circumstances of the situation they were given to police; there still ought to be someone pounding the sidewalks looking for a job after such a wicked display of police brutality.

        There always seems to be some exit for officers either from that police department to where they are hired by another department where they can kill or maim or persecute again with impunity, or they escape into early retirement with benefits. Police officers everywhere need to learn that crime does not pay.

        In a case where a young black America girl was shot to death sitting in her car, there was enough bad publicity to excite some management changes in the police department and an officer on the scene by the name of Hackman opted to transfer to the San Benito County police department.

        There he proceeded to pile up police abuse charges, one of them committed while off duty at Angel stadium where he pushed Daniel Slama down a long flight of steps nearly killing him. The cover up began immediately with the police chief defending his hiring of Hackman while hiding behind the haze of a so called continuing investigation.

        The victim of off duty police State abuse took months to heal in the terrible agony of pain and returned to duty. Hackman retired from the San Benito force leaving his victims to seek damages in court.

        Neither law enforcement agency penalized him severely as they ought to have done to drive him forever from police work in shame with all benefits taken away and his reputation ruined for the rest of his life. Their irresponsible behaviour covered their own evil behaviour in the matter of hiring and managing him.

        Tough laws disposing of offenders guilty of police State abuse ought to require supervisors to step down as well. District Attorneys and internal investigations are obviously not to be trusted to make officers pay for their crimes against the people.

        The only answer to this growing threat to the safety of the nation is an armed police force with the mandate of policing the police. They would have to have the power to apprehend and bring to trial such offenders.

        Their physical locations would have to be fortresses of power such as might be found within the safety of a military base. A federal law enforcement agency on a federalized military base. Tough justice for an out of control situation.
RIVERSIDE POLICE MURDERED A TEENAGE BLACK GIRL: Another major step for justice was scored in the Tyisha Miller last week when it was announced that the sergeant on the scene when the 19 year olThe police supervisor was fired by Police Chief Jerry Carroll and though this is a good exception to the rule, it in no way brings the killers in blue to justice for the murder of the young teenage black girl.

        Sergeant Preece arrived on the scene before his subordinate officers began firing into the body of Tyisha Miller. She was asleep in her car but he did nothing to stop them. In an outward show of his desperately wicked heart, Sergeant Preece was heard to compare Miller's relatives who were grieving at the scene, "to a Kwanzaa festival."

        Sgt. Preece was also a supervisor in an incident in 1997 when he ignored an officer who reported to him that fellow Riverside policemen had beaten Jose Hilario Martinez and then threw him into Lake Evans. The Latino, who could not swim, somehow survived and later won a settlement from the city in a lawsuit against the police department for their loathsome acts.

        It is obvious from the sequence of events that took place, how slow and unconcerned government is for the rights and safety of the people. Put it into law that Sergeant Preece's collusion with police brutality involving Jose Martinez ought to have been sufficient to terminate his career forever in law enforcement. A man can work in some other capacity. It is not as though the rule of law would starve him to death, but Miss Miller would be alive today had Preece been removed from power.

        Another officer, David Hackman, was under internal investigation for his racist remarks at the scene of Miller's death. He was allowed to resign and was hired by the San Benito Police Department where he left a trail of police brutality on and off duty.

        It is reported that when he saw Miller's family crying aloud after the shooting that Hackman called their painful weeping "Watts death wails."

        The four officers who killed Miller were fired July 12. They should have been put on trial for murder. When did America ever get the idea police officers were above the law they are supposed to enforce???

        As reported in a past World article, one-third of Riverside police protested these firings by shaving their heads. It is now estimated that half of the police force have shaved their heads.

        While the police deny that this has any meaning other than protest, the detestable acts are clearly understood by many as the police associating with racist skinhead, white supremacist groups.

        Rep. Maxine Waters, who has joined organized protests of Miller's killing, spoke at the Faith Temple here recently, calling the shaving of heads "a signal" that further federal investigation is required of the Riverside Police Department."

        A Department of Justice investigation of the police department is now underway. Meanwhile the appearance of skinhead police has created an atmosphere of terror for African Americans and Latinos and a climate which encourages racist acts.

        Hateful fliers which used a racist epithet to celebrate the shooting death of Miller were posted in two areas of Riverside County recently.

        Signs were reported on the Main Street pedestrian mall by Mary Shelton. "When I saw it, I just wanted to throw up," she said.

        The Black Voice News, a weekly publication that has consistently reported the Miller and skinhead stories, reported that their newsracks have been attacked.

        The locks on racks have been jammed up and washers have covered the coin slot to prevent anyone from putting in the coin.

        In yet another blow to the African American publication, the city just decided to enforce a policy that has been in effect since 1995 requiring a $1 million insurance policy if they want to keep their news racks on the street.

        Saying that he "will not to be intimidated," Hardy Brown, publisher of the Black Voice News, issued a statement on the front page saying that "too many Blacks have fought and died for the right for this Black publication to deliver the news from our perspective every week. It would be a dereliction of my duty to do anything less."

        The Tyisha Miller Steering Committee continues to organize actions every week fighting for justice for Miller from the city and from the courts.

        This movement led by Miller family members, which has won support of national leaders and organizations, is the decisive factor in putting pressure on the police department to fire officers.

        In addition to protest actions, the committee is organizing local meetings in all parts of Riverside to hear testimony from those who have suffered police brutality.

        Mother after mother has reported that their sons have been beaten up by police. All information gathered will be turned over to the Department of Justice.

        And where is all of this headed if honest hard working people do nothing about it??? America is headed toward a Police State of the worst kind if law abiding citizens do not do something about it now.