Police officers all across the country are quick to stop any filming of what they are doing, not only because they do not want to be second guessed; but to hide their evil behaviour. Yet there is no law against filming police officers. So, legislation is long overdue to legalize the filming of police going about their duties in public places irregardless of the situation. In other words, no license should be given to the police of any agency to remove filming or they will use it to obstruct the obtaining of the truth.

        If the public does not awaken to the need, legislators will never be held accountable for such legislation. Likewise, if legislators do not arise out of the masses and declare the need to awaken the public to the need, all hope will soon be gone of bringing the police into strict accountability for their evil behaviour in the name of the law.

        Legislators need to realize accountability should include the automatic removal of the badge and the employability of any officer violating the right to film them during the performance of their duties, irregardless of dangers and of their ability to carry out their intentions.

        All across America, people are in possession of video cell phones etc and are being bullied from police scenes. Here is a video of police oppression against the Media in Arizona and their subsequent subdued reporting. America needs its news Media to be courageous. They should have been outraged and action should have been taken to correct the officer and the law, but apparently they did nothing more than air the video.

        ABC 7 reporters were filming a vehicle driven by a police officer and soon found out how easily it is for the Police to stick together irregardless of whether they are in the right or in the wrong. The female reporter weighing a 115 was completely cooperative in making the stop obediently to the patrol cars, and went away with a serious shoulder injury. The Prince George, Maryland police department apparently destroyed the patrol car films required by Federal Law saying they were either inoperable or not running. In other words, there is no Federal accountability in this matter. How can the Fed fine a police department funded by taxpayers? It can't, so there remains one recourse to cure their illegal behaviour, and that is to remove the badge of the officer in charge of the operation. This unheard of punishment apparently needs to be written into the Law to give the patrol car video requirements teeth.

        Meanwhile, the defenseless young woman reporter who is a Mother of three will have to live the rest of her life with a shoulder problem. No amount of money in all the world can cure such an injury and though there was mention of an operation in the video report, such reports are made with the presumption doctors can work miracles; and this they cannot do.

        The bottom line once again is the ease with which police all over the country are violating the rights of a free press they are supposed to protect when Media camera's are pointed at their evil ways. The County car they were following in an investigation of the officer/driver's activities; was able to go on his way and proceed to hide his supposedly illegal behaviour. The irony of these kind of situations is the recourse ABC 7 was left with, which was to file a complaint with the Police Department guilty of this crime.

        America is a foolish nation, of this there should be no doubt in your mind. The American people naively believe their police agencies exist for their protection when their first priority is to protect themselves irregardless of whether their actions are legal or illegal. And if people just like you do nothing - the problem nationwide will continue to grow into A Police State from which there will be no remedy.

        The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) should be mandated by law to immediately investigate situations just like this one to establish a balance of power nationwide, by removing the badge of the officer in charge of this operation, and by drumming him out of law enforcement in America forever. The officer who injured the defenseless female reporter should also lose his badge for what was an obvious case of police brutality, and if the other officers involved would not identify who did it; they should also lose their badges and be drummed out of law enforcement forever. "To whom much is given much should be required." Officers of the law are paid well and are entrusted with the protection of society. When they don't do their job properly and go so far as to commit crimes, they need to find other means of employment.

        Let your Federal and State legislators know your concerns for legislation with teeth. And when a our nation's legislators do stand up for righteousness, the initiator of such successful legislation will find themselves elected President by a grateful people awakened to the truth of this great need.