America is growing into a police state at an alarming rate. Just to refresh your memory, it wasn't too long ago Chief of Police, Bull Conner used fierce German Shepherd dogs to intimidate and bully the black population. Thank God those days are over. Martin Luther King finished what Abraham Lincoln started and black Americans entered into the mainstream of society where they could enjoy liberty and prosperity too.

        Two classes of citizens are rapidly emerging in this nation. The rich and the poor. The rich can afford to defend themselves while the poor cannot afford the price tag for an outrageously expensive defense lawyer to obtain justice. This is to the hurt of the entire nation irregardless of the color of your skin.

        There are numerous examples in recent American history demonstrating a growing frustration with the system. "Rage against the Machine' recently performed to multitudes in a well known southern California music festival. The name of the band obviously makes the point. This generation of rebellious young people is not only unhappy with the American way of life, they are degenerate. They encourage rebellion against law and order without solutions.


        Just raging against corrupt government will not cure it. As the French found out in their bloody revolution, it was not convenient to bring their government down. Likewise, the Russians suffered terribly after the Czar and his family were killed to make room for the ruthless Bolshevik government.

        Why are we discussing Police Brutality? We as believers need to understand its existence. We need to be able to see the signs of the times. God's people will face terrible persecution when a worldwide antichrist government is established with a one world religion that hates Christians.

        The American people need to graduate from idealistic thinking to real discernment.

        The trampling of human rights is even worse for believers whose religious freedoms are already seriously comprised, although many do not know it. The noose is getting tighter around our neck.

        President James Madison who was one of the founding fathers of this great nation wrote: "THERE ARE MORE INSTANCES OF THE ABRIDGMENT OF THE FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE BY GRADUAL AND SILENT ENCROACHMENTS OF THOSE IN POWER THAN BY VIOLENT AND SUDDEN USURPATIONS. Madison saw where this nation was heading a long time ago.

        There is little or no compassion for the poor in America who have become GUILTY UNTIL THEY ARE PROVEN INNOCENT and are unable to afford professional legal counsel. Law enforcement officers in this great nation know the poor are defenseless with few exceptions and often times the vulnerability of the poor is taken advantage of not only by the police, but by the jailers and by judges, resulting in innocent people of all races being railroaded behind bars for long prison sentences.

        In Orange County there is a public defenders budget of around fifty million dollars to defend the poor in court, but public defenders act as clerks for the court rather than lawyers for the poor. This is one of many major problems at the root of the growing police State.

        If the police were to hear the poor they are arresting have legal counsel, real legal counsel, they would be more inclined to deal out justice by the book.

        This book offers a major collection of police problems and solutions so you, the reader, might more easily comprehend just how seriously degenerate law enforcement is in America. Just as African Americans formerly had no legal protections under the law, the poor of every color are losing ground every day until the day comes when they will have no protections under the law.

        For the benefit of those believers who might read this document, let it be understood, "WHERE THERE IS NO VISION THE PEOPLE PERISH." When Mystery Babylon becomes established as the one world government, the government machinery for a police state will already be in place in America to subdue and crush the people under its feet. We cannot stop the growing police state, but we ought to open our eyes to see it; lest we too find ourselves numbered among the blind leading the blind.

        The following video exposes the real Miami police department after their shooting attorney Elizabeth Ritter with rubber bullets while she was peaceably protesting the potential in America for Tolitarianism. In this video the Major of Miami excused the police as though they had done nothing wrong, and Sergeant Michael Kallman of the Miami police force was caught on video boasting about it.

        The situation in Miami represents police and political behaviour throughout the United States. The public generally supposes the police are working to protect us, but without strict accountability; they are capable of becoming the law.