Human nature is evil. We have only to believe Jesus to know it, but man's inhumanity to man is evident historically as well. Any time too much power is given to any man or organization, they will abuse it.

        In this video below the Georgia police taser a driver who was in compliance and pepper spray his Mother who steps out of the car to protest. This is why the police cannot be trusted with tasers.

        They outnumbered this driver ten to one and could have easily subdued him were he hostile. This is clearly a case of criminal behaviour on the part of our police and it is taking place nation wide, so a Federal Law is needed authorizing and requiring a Federal Police Agency or Military Organization such as the Marines to come to the community where the police have violated their trust, and put the officers on trial, convict them; remove their badge and their right to ever work in any law enforcement field for the rest of their lives in police departments, security, private investigative or as a lawyer.

        Since our Marines are more powerful than our Federal Police Agencies we would eliminate the risk of one police agency going to war with another.

        The public throughout America entrusts law enforcement into the hands of their police departments without realizing the police who are given the power to use violence force against the enemies of society will also use the same violent force against anyone opposing them. Therefore strict accountability has to be established in some way, but obviously the final word cannot rest with the Chief of Police or Internal Investigations.

        Chiefs are usually chosen from the rank and file where their popularity drives their appointment. Anyone wishing to rise to the stature of Chief of Police knows they must win the hearts and minds of the police force. They cannot expect to ascend to the throne by turning in their fellow officers for wrong doing. This unfortunate circumstances is characterizing the kind of Police Chiefs we are getting in America.

        More and more weapons strapped police officers are provided by the Chief to please the rank and file who are always clamouring for more power to control those perceived as offenders without injury to themselves. Pepper spray and tasers are the most recent arrivals in the past few decades. What next?

        The health and quality of life of the public is secondary to the concerns of the police officers on the scene. Yet we the people are essentially their employers and ought to be of one mind to bring our police agencies into strict accountability for their treatment of Americans.

        The Taser zaps suspects with 50,000 volts of electricity, disabling them for five seconds at a time. Critics say the weapon is ripe for abuse because the shock leaves no obvious mark, other than what looks like a small bee sting. But I would like to suggest someone begin to keep statistics because after a few decades from the actual tasering, some of the victims should begin to show symptoms of nerve damage such as are found in Parkinsons Desease and other diagnosis of Neuropothy.

        What we are hearing in the news are reports of taser torture. Law enforcement officer have been known to strap down their victims and taser them repeatedly. Federal laws could be passed to curtail this kind of wickedness simply by making it an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, and taser for taser for transgressers wearing badges of delegated authority from society.

        The newest Tasers are an advanced version of technology that was developed in the 1970's but was not considered by the police to be effective. The electrical pulses travel from the gun through two 21-foot-long wires that look like a stretched-out Slinky tipped with barbed probes. If the probes pierce skin or a layer of clothing two inches thick or less, the jolt contracts the muscles and throws the suspect off balance. It makes the suspect unable to move, and gives the police a full five seconds with every ''tasing'' to handcuff the suspect. The police say that 50,000 volts is a safe amount of electricity to absorb and that suspects shot with a Taser recover immediately. The results of tasering beg to differ with them.


        As might be expected once such a powerful weapon was entrusted into the power of the police by the police, it would be used to not only apprehend violent and hostile persons, but to discipline those whose behaviour does not please the officers.

        There are many honest and caring police officers in America, but once an obvious case of police brutality is manifest, you have to know the officers involved will make up stories to justify their wickedness. Those officers who are honest and caring cannot be expected to jeopardize their police career by speculative accustations against evildoers against whom they have no real evidence.

        It is up to the public to look into police brutality matters and bring them into the light until our police departments are brought into a better state of accountability.

        Sheriff’s deputies tasered to death an unarmed man in jail in Santa Cruz.

        The first thing you have to understand is: anything the officers say is not to be believed. They killed an unarmed man in jail with taser jolts of 50,000 volts. They claim to only have tasered him a couple of times electrocuting him directly rather than at a distance.

        This means the prisoner was already subdued if they could approach him that close.

        They claim he was banging his head on the cell door and acting irrationally, but even if it was true; there was no need to torture the prisoner to death. And as is already obvious by the direct application of the taser to him, he was already subdued.

        David Anthony Cross is dead now. The dead cannot speak to us, so we are limited to the testimony of his murderers and to our God given discernment.

        Further evidence of their intent to cover up the truth is brought into the light when we consider David Cross stopped breathing, lost consciousness, and never regained it. His family was notified of his death Sunday night, but not that he’d been hospitalized.

        An interesting omission when you consider what it means. The murderers did not want David Cross to talk on his death bed.

        The sheriff’s videotapes of the tasering and death have not been released. Nor have the names of the tasering officers. More evidence of a cover up.

        The system is corrupted not only by the fact human nature is evil, but by it being interwoven into the same economic fabric. County Pathologist Richard Mason earns income performing autopsys recommended to him by the police. Do you think they would turn the body over to him were he to tell the Media the truth? In a continuation of the cover up, he ruled David Cross's death "accidental."

        According to Coroner’s Deputy Steve Plasket “Cross lost the ability to breathe due to chest compression during the restraint…went into cardiopulmonary arrest, then anoxic encephalopathy, or lack of oxygen to the brain.” The death certificates contributing causes of hypertensive heart disease and obesity (Cross weighed 260 pounds). Taser use or abuse was not listed as a contributing cause to his death.

        In April, Santa Cruz Mayor Mike Rotkin refused to direct the police department to open its records regarding taser use.

        On September 24th, a Public Records Act request was filed with the City, seeking to determine how widespread police use of tasers is.

        Why the big coverup? All of these officials are in the same business. Justice, law enforcement, city management, pathology, etc. They all need one another to make a living.

        Accountability must come from the public or from an armed agency that is willing to police the police and risk their lives confronting them when they do wrong.


        A disabled British Columbia man being shocked with a taser by a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer in custody.

        He was led into the booking room after being arrested for trying to intervene in the arrest of a friend whom he believed the police were being too heavy handed with. The officers were not satisfied with arresting the disabled man, they tortured him with their tasers to teach him a lesson he would not forget. They became judge, jury and executioner beyond the power delegated to them to make the arrest.

        The prisoner showed no signs of resisting in any manner at the time the taser torture took place. The officers simply showed no concern for the video camera in operation.

        We cannot trust police personnel or their supervisors or their police chiefs to use these weapons judiciously, sparingly, and with reservation in order to subdue only those offenders who present a real threat of serious bodily injury or death and cannot be subdued by any other means, using more traditional and 'non-lethal' means of restraint.

        Police departments are intoxicated by their newly realized power and its intimidation power. They are not thinking about taser use rules when they stun people. They are thinking about control and about teaching them a lesson they won't forget. Here we see a photograph taken from a police video where Canadian police knocked a handicapped man down while booking him, to taser him repeatedly and teach him who was boss.

        Police department apologists apparently aren't willing to own up to the fact that in the vast majority of these cases, harmless and relatively innocent people are being tasered and sometimes killed because they hadn't responded quickly enough to some compliance order barked at them by a policeman! Never mind that the person being tasered may not have understood, or heard, or even realized what was being said to him.

        We are finding reports of the deaf being tasered, of cripples in handcuffs thrown down and tasered to teach them a lesson, of the elderly being tasered for the slightest non compliance.

        Officers are of the mindset that they will taser anyone who does not immediately comply with their commands, knowing the police department will back them up; their guns will back them up; the D.A. will back them up; the courts will back them up; and surprisingly enough the naive public will back them up.

        Too bad when someone is injured or killed for not obeying police 'orders' quickly enough!

        Some officers are not satisfied with arresting those who offend them, they torture them with tasers to teach them a lesson they will not forget. They became judge, jury and executioner beyond the power delegated to them to make arrests.

        The public did not authorize taser use. The police did. It is time the public realizes it is in our best interest to take this power away from those who already have sufficient power over us. We do not need to contribute further to the growing Police State, but need to put the brakes on it.


        As a result of being shocked with a Taser, Blake Dupree fell off the top of a jail bunk bed and broke his back. The injury has left him temporarily paralyzed and he could be crippled for life, his attorney said.

        According to sheriff's officials, Dupree, who showed signs of being mentally ill or under the influence of drugs, had been generally "uncooperative" for hours before a lieutenant at the Lakewood sheriff's station approved the use of the Taser, which delivers a 50,000-volt shock.

        Department rules prohibit using the device on "persons in danger of falling or becoming entangled in machinery or heavy equipment which could result in death or serious bodily injury." Despite the prohibition, the policy does allow for supervisors to decide whether use of a Taser is warranted on a case-by-case basis.

        What we have here is evidence the police are not only taking newly developed weapons into their possession for use; they are deciding when and how they can be used without any real outside restraint.

        Allowing supervisors to decide whether use of a Taser is warranted on a case-by-case basis puts them in the position of judge and jury. They can by their own permission torture by taser.

        It is obvious once this truth is realize, that Federal, State, County and City governments all need to pass strict regulations for and against taser use.

        Lt. James Tatreau Jr., who authorized the use of the device on Dupree, has been reassigned to administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation, sources said. A unnamed sergeant who was involved in the decision has also been reassigned.

        Tatreau, a former driver and bodyguard for L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca, received some attention last year after The Times disclosed he organized a game called "Operation Any Booking" in which deputies competed to see how many people they could arrest.

        The competition was blasted by critics, disavowed by Baca and made fun of by "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno.

        Baca said his preliminary assessment of the recent incident was that "common sense" should have dictated that using the Taser on Dupree was inappropriate while he was on the bunk and likely to fall as a result of being shocked.

        Baca added that he was concerned, because of Dupree's demeanor, that deputies and supervisors may not have sufficiently explored alternatives to the stun gun.

        "If someone is off balance mentally . . . call the mental health evaluation team in," Baca said in an interview Wednesday, shortly before departing on a trip to Saudi Arabia. "Those with the most experience should deal with them."

        Were Sheriff Baca to spend more time managing the Sheriff's department and less time promoting himself out of town, these kinds of managment deficiencies might have been corrected. If we, the public, presume our elected officials are going to do their job; we are seriously mistaken.

        The public needs to do more than petition, file complaints, call their congressman and write articles for the media. Legislation is desperately needed on the ballot for the people to define taser use if those weapons of torture are to be used at all.

        There is some indication among the many reports that police killings are down now that tasers have come into use. So there may be merit to their being used. But at the discretion of police supervisors and officers, no.

        Laws are needed to criminalize police brutality. Individual transgressers need to be rooted out of every police department. Law enforcement needs an attitude adjustment in America in a big way.

        It is particularly important for the right of the public to photograph and video police activities freely without restraint.

        Dupree, a Bellflower resident, was arrested February 26th on suspicion of carjacking his mother's vehicle, but he did not steal it.

        According to his attorney, Stan Sanders, Dupree and his mother were at a Jack in the Box restaurant when Dupree took his mother's car without her consent. Concerned that her son was acting erratically and might hurt himself, she called police, Sanders said. Sheriff's deputies found Dupree at Bellflower High School, where he was looking for his sister, the attorney said.

        What we have here is another problem the public knows little of. Many sheriff and police departments have arrest quotas for their officers to meet monthly. Even when they do not have quotas, the officer who makes the most busts has bragging rights as a crime buster toward promotion. It is the nature of law enforcement.

        So, when a Mother makes the mistake of calling the police on their son with no thought of their being arrested, they are often surprised as was the case with Dupree. Mothers, if you think some dashing and handsome police officer is going to come riding up on his black and white stallion to make your son respect you; you are mistaken.

        Police officers have no problem getting dates or finding wives. Quite the opposite. They get too much female attention for their own good.

        Dupree was not charged with carjacking, according to a district attorney's representative. He was charged with violating his probation on an earlier conviction for gun possession. Mom should have known better. Any entanglement with the law can be dangerous and it can be expensive.

        Dupree was taken to the Lakewood station where deputies say he failed to cooperate with routine instructions and behaved strangely. He was placed in a cell by himself where he began throwing mattresses around the room, authorities said. No harm. No foul.

        This behavior continued until the morning after his arrest.

        When Dupree refused to submit to electronic fingerprinting, a process in which a suspect's digits are scanned into a computer database; Tatreau authorized the use of the Taser if Dupree continued to resist, according to two Sheriff's Department sources familiar with the incident.

        Dupree was standing on the top bed of a double bunk and refused to come down. The floors are made of hardened concrete. The beds are heavy metal framed.

        He was given a verbal warning by Tatreau, who conferred with the sergeant on the scene, and a deputy was ordered activate the Taser so Dupree could hear its buzz.

        Dupree stood on the bunk and began to move toward the edge, in the direction of the deputies, said sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore. It was then that the unidentified deputy shot Dupree with the Taser, causing him to fall to the floor.

        Baca said he was convinced no one intended to "punish" Dupree by shocking him but he said the potential consequences of doing so should have been clear.

        "We have to do better," he said.

        Oh Sheriff, you can do so much better. Just suggesting it to the public is a decades old replay of the same we are sorry song. You could so easily make it law for your officers to use tasers only in the way they were originally supposed to be used when law enforcement hostered them to their sides.

        Tasers are the weapon of choice when a dangerous man or woman is hostile and threatening. Rather than shoot them, taser them. Handcuff them and put your tasers back in their hosters where they belong.

        Sheriff Baca, your legacy will include your doing your part by the sin of omission in not correcting this ongoing evil. Your works will follow after you to your destiny.

        Sanders, who has filed a legal claim against the Sheriff's Department in connection with the incident, said Dupree suffered extensive damage to his spinal cord and cannot move his legs. He said doctors have told him the condition is likely to be permanent.

        "This is a young man . . . with many years to live," Sanders said. "He's now paralyzed."

        Now the taxpayer is facing a fine again to pay for another crime of law enforcement officers out of control with another blatant act of police brutality softened by the officer at the top who is responsible for taser policy. "TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS REQUIRED" Sheriff Baca.

        If you wish for America to be the land of the free once again, you will need to do your part in reigning in the beast of police brutality.


        After months of rumor and new releases, the company that manufactures Tasers announced the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched a formal investigation of the company. At issue is the end-of- year sale of more than $1.5 million of the company’s weapons. In addition, SEC investigators are examining the company’s product safety claims, Taser International said in a statement yesterday.

        Medical Examiner Confirms First Electrocution by Taser (Aug 2, 2005) Citing federal laws preventing disclosure, the SEC has not commented on the alleged investigation, the Associated Press reports.

        According to the company, the SEC launched an informal inquiry into Taser’s business dealings and safety records at the beginning of the year.

        Law enforcement agencies the world over are increasingly purchasing the weapons, which shoot electrified barbs into a victim. Taser has insisted that its weapons, when used correctly, are not lethal and has claimed to have studies to prove it.

        But Taser critics have pointed out the safety studies have not tested the weapons on people of diverse ages or various health conditions.

        In a statement yesterday, the company pledged to comply with all government requests. Taser has long maintained an image of imperturbability in the face of criticism. Recently, the company questioned the integrity and honesty of the world’s most respected human rights organization, Amnesty International, after it released a report outlining about 100 instances where the supposedly "non-lethal" weapon may have contributed to the deaths of captives and suspects of American law enforcement agencies.

        Earlier this year, a medical examiner became the first official in the US to directly tie Taser blasts to the death of an inmate. Other coroners have sited Taser as a contributing factor to death in a handful of cases.

        We should be concerned with the use of tasers to torture and kill. Many lives are supposedly being saved by their use which has to be weighed against the many lives being lost, and ultimately; my fellow Americans, we need to get a handle on when law enforcement can and cannot use tasers (to slow down and eliminate taser torture.)


        The police side of this story says there was a confrontation between officers and the father of a child taking the baby home after it was born.

        Look carefully at the film and you will see the father is surprise attacked with a stun gun by an off duty police officer knocking the newborn baby out of his hands.

        The father has every right to take his child home in America. Security's job there is to prevent kidnapping of babies, not the rightful departure of a father with his child.

        William Lewis says his baby girl suffers from head trauma because she was dropped.

        "I've got to wonder what kind of moron would Tase an adult holding a baby," said George Kirkham, a former police officer and criminologist at Florida State University. "It doesn't take rocket science to realize the baby is going to fall."

        Lewis, 30, said the April 13 episode began after he and his wife felt mistreated by staff at the Woman's Hospital of Texas and they decided to leave. Hospital employees told him doctors would not allow it, but Lewis picked up the baby and strode to a bank of elevators.

        The elevators would not move because wristband sensors on each baby shut them off if anyone takes an infant without permission.

        "She shakes a lot and cries a lot," Lewis said, noting doctors have performed several MRIs on his baby daughter, Karla. "She's not real responsive. Something is definitely wrong...."


        Just in case police proponents want to say the screams and the complaints about tasering are over done by the public, lets watch carefully as a female police officer is subjected to tasering by her fellow officers, resulting in such a piercing scream there can be no doubt it is "cruel and unusual punishment."

Taser is acronym for “Thomas A. Swift’s Electrical Rifle”