There are other video's on You Tube besides my own personal experience with the Los Angeles Police Department as a wayfaring man, proving they are and dangerous and bullish people.

      They are a police department that does not have to be provoked to brutalize the public.

      The brutalizing of Rodney King was captured on film and broadcast over the news.

      Study the film very carefully and you will see Rodney King is not resisting arrest on film. If he did resist arrest, he also tried to surrender once the mob of cops began brutalizing him.

      When a jury acquitted the police officers, that was the final straw for the black community. The Los Angeles Riots exploded.

      King won a million dollar settlement from the city and troubled himself with drinking down through the years, so that he has been in and out of rehabilitation.

      Here is an interview with him tracing some of the history of the Rodney King incident from beginning to the present.