Police arrest quota's need to be legislated out of existence with serious consequences.

        Police departments try to pump up their arrest numbers to make it look like they are crime fighters and there is sometimes a money motive involved. More revenue to justify a larger police budget.

        The result of police arrest quotos is obviously falsified arrests of innocent citizens and their subsequent criminalization as individuals. Once a falsified arrest is filed in a police data base, that individual is subject to unlawful searches and detainment in future situations where their ID is run.

        In the following video, a NYPD officer blows the whistle on the New York Police Department. Naturally, he is suffering from harassment from his Superiors. May God bless him mightily for attempting to fix police corruption.

        There was a young man by the name of Roger Flores, a high school basketball star, who caught the fire of the Gospel of Jesus Christ when a wayfaring Saint came to Santa Ana teaching the holy way.

        The zeal of the LORD's House consumed Roger, so he took an axe to the pornography stands on the sidewalk behind the Jack in the Box where the Saint was teaching a small crowd from the Word.

        Someone came to the Saint with a report of what Roger was doing, so he went out to see the teenager and upon hearing he had called the Police thinking the news people would come to give him a voice in the Press, the Saint asked the young man to wait with him for them to come.

        When the officers came, the Saint explained Roger was not a criminal and would make good the damage done. Could he be turned over to the Saint's custody.

        The Officer who arrived in a patrol car without lights flashing told the Saint, "This will not be a problem since we have already met our quoto."


        There was an officer with a conscience trying to tell someone about police corruption.

        There is division among police departments. Some officers do have consciences, yet they know they are not mighty enough by themselves to correct the problem of false arrests to meet PD Quoto's.

        Most police officers are mindful they cannot find other jobs paying as much as police work. So they do not dare risk their jobs to fix the system knowing how police departments treat whistleblowers.

        Abraham Lincoln made it a practice to reward whistleblowers. President Lincoln knew the risks whistleblowers took. He was one. He blew the whistle on slavery. And with the help of Almighty God and Martin Luther King, he brought slavery to an end in America.

        People of all races ought to thank God for American freedom, but the freedom to criminalize we must stop now!!!

        Now we go from Adil Planco blowing the whistle on the NYPD to a traffic stop where the video camera becomes the focus of police attention, but the film remained in the hard'drive. Keep that in mind folks. This is a very brave American standing up to a Police State mentality successfully. Irregardless of his skin color which should make no difference at all to the righteous, this young American strong man did what so few do. He captured the evil ways of police officers on tape. Listen carefully to what really took place and do your duty for God and Country and you will grow spiritually if you do.