The political system is spiritually bankrupt from beginning to end. Politicians are voted into political office based on their financial ability to out slogan and slander their opponents. The poor can no longer access their leaders without a great deal of difficulty and money to get to know them. America is essentially a ship of State without a rudder. It will go to its destiny as a great nation like other great empires before it. It will collapse from corruption within.

        Telling you the reader of this present situation may prove educational it is hoped for the development of your discernment. Were you to join one of the two parties in power with a pure heart intending to cure America of its spiritual bankruptcy, you would obtain no favor with them. Both parties are in a constant struggle to gain power rather than work to fix the system in place.

        So the many law enforcement agencies have been left to manage themselves with little or no outside intervention from Presidents or Governors or Mayors. In isolation they all manage to extend their powers without legislation making null and void the notion of a united nation by the people for the people.

        Mayors tend to be particularly weak figureheads in city governments run essentially by city managers hired by city councils. At least, this is true in California.

        So city police departments are basically managed isolation from outside interference. By this means, the era of unmarked police vehicles has come forth to make their job easier and extend city police power.

        The evil effect it is having is akin to that of a local Gestapo. More on this subject later by the grace of God.

        This game of hide and seek with the public gets even worse when Police Departments hire undercover officers who look like druggies to infiltrate the illegal drug market.

        In this video just such a crew of officers swarm into a neighbor to make an arrest very much like you would expect the Gestapo in Germany during the the Nazi reign, and with their charging in it should be clear to the viewer; had a gun fight taken place in the process of making the arrest innocent residents and their children would have been endangered.

        These officers are nothing less than drug users themselves looking to make drug busts so they can confiscate drugs for their own parties among themselves. This is the problem with indiscriminately giving out law enforcement badges and disguises without the safety net of drug testing to make sure these charactors are not drug users themselves.