Once we realize there is no power except with God who is the A and the Z of all things, then we are reduced in our perception of ourselves to the impotency of created beings that we are, and humbleness and humility has a chance to work in us.

       Do you think the miracle workers spoken of in the holy Bible were proud and forward with God and man?


       Did you know God brought lightning bolts down for Elijah, parted the Red Sea for Moses, stood the Sun for Joshua, and made thunder and lightning on a clear day for Samuel, .........not because they were proud, boastful, swaggering or self willed in any way.

       They were "VESSELS SUITABLE FOR THE MASTER'S USE." It was the will of God to do those mighty works they experienced into being just as were predestined to take place.

       The argument some people have with Predestination is centered in their inability to admit to being impotent and helpless in the great sea of humanity in a world God has given over to the wicked. Your security must be in God.


       There are several incidents in this next video demonstrating just how little control we have in circumstances. In both of the highway crashes, officers using diligence in keeping to the side of the road were preserved because they were aware of the dangers; but the man inside the restuarant sitting at a booth reading a newspaper, would have never thought for a moment a vehicle would crash through the wall and almost kill him. His preservation is the more obvious proof we are helpless before the Lord and it is He who controls circumstances and provides us with safety.

       Anyone who argues for the existence of free will opposes the Word of God where we are told our lives were "FOREORDAINED BEFORE THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE WORLD" were created.

       Anyone supposing we have a free will presumes we are able to decide our own destiny.

       Since it does seem we are making our own decisions in this life, there are many who cannot accept predestination by faith. We do have a will, but it is not free. We are the cumulative of all our previous experience today so we already have wind in our sails and our course is set on the sea of humanity.

       It doesn't take much of an effort on God's part to influence us today from the situation we find ourselves in, to make the decisions he predestined us to make. Would you have a less powerful God? Then you desire insecurity rather than the security of our God having everything perfectly under control in the greater cosmos of creation.


       "That He may incline our hearts unto Him,..." It is so subtle. Do you see it? That the wise spiritual King Solomon was aware in his prayer it is God who inclines our hearts unto Him and not ourselves although we ought to do our part to remain in that good condition we find ourselves, and Solomon acknowledges that in the same prayer saying, "LET YOUR HEART THEREFORE BE PERFECT WITH THE LORD OUR GOD, TO WALK IN HIS STATUTES, AND TO KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS, AS AT THIS DAY." (1 Kings 8:61)

       Once we put our faith in the Word of God and leave off our egotistical pride, we are able to begin thinking our way through what it means to be predestined. We are no longer blocked by rebellion against the truth in this matter.

       "A MAN'S HEART DEVISES HIS WAY: BUT THE LORD DIRECTS HIS STEPS." (Proverbs 16:9) We seem to have a free will, but the LORD God directs our steps and those who refuse to see the predestination of their lives will remain blind to the truth.

       Egotistical pride produces ear plugs for many believers who wish to be told what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear. Pride is their lack of willingness to admit their total dependency upon God. Lukewarm Christians want to live forever, and they want to live independently of God; giving Him a little of themselves when it is convenient while they live self centered lives.

       Almighty God has foreseen this dillemma in all humanity, providing mankind with flesh and blood machinery that decays and wears out when its time comes; so each individual will experience the helplessness of dying and of death.

       "IT IS APPOINTED FOR A MAN TO DIE ONCE THEN THE JUDGMENT." Every individual must face their helplessness in death. And even if they are blind to the all powerfulness of God at the time of their dying, God remains Almighty. He chooses the exact moment of our birth and death. Here is a young Latino man who cheated death because it was not his day to die, but from all appearances he was already dead as rescuers worked to free his crushed vehicle from beneath a tractor trailor truck that landed on top of him.

       As we sail the great sea of humanity, our sailboat finds itself in a storm. Do we deal with the storm? We do if we wish to continue among the living. So our decisions in that storm are directed by the ferocity of the storm, our abilities and resources and the kind of boat we are sailing.

       If our communications system was not working yesterday, we won't send much of an SOS today. That decision was made for us yesterday before the storm. If we have no spare sails and the storm tears ours off, will we have a motor and sufficient fuel to get to land? Those decisions were made before the storm. Its too late once we are snared in a storm to go shopping.

       Most people will fight to survive the storm. There is not much of a need for a free will under those circumstances. What we will do to keep our ship afloat was determined primarily by our prior experience in sailing. We will act on knowledge stored up and if we have faith, we will pray and receive a little more light to survive the storm. The will to fight to survive the storm is built into us. It is not a decision we have to make. Perhaps you can begin to see how a free will is not necessary to make our decisions. They are already made for us by the nature of the situation.

       We act on situations according to our knowledge of how to deal with them and according to our virtue or lack of it. These decisions are made for us before we find ourselves in those situations.

       Since there were other swimmers in the shark infested water, the young woman in the video did not think it would be too dangerous for her to swim too, and in doing so; she tempted the Lord and lost her leg to a huge shark, but her life the Lord preserved miraculously because it was not her day to die.

       A cleaning woman finds jewels stashed beneath the pillow in the room a wealthy client has departed from. She turns the jewels in to her employer although a dishonest employee could have hidden them and denied ever seeing them. Our virtue or lack of virtue plays an important part in what we are predestined to do. The virtuous are predestined to be virtuous. The immoral are predestined to be immoral.

       Our acting on newly given light necessary to our survival is not free will. We couldn't have acted on it had it not been given by God. And we would be foolish to not act on newly given light when it will prove helpful in some way. There is no need of a free will to make obvious choices.

       God determines the light he adds to our knowledge on any given day, so one person has light to do one thing, another has light to do other things. The Light of "TRUTH IS FOUND IN A MULTITUDE OF COUNSELLORS." No one individual has all of God's Light.

       What is death of self but the realization of our nothingness. To many believers in the world today are busy trying to prove they are somebody when sacred Scripture tells us: "IF ANY MAN THINKS HE IS SOMETHING WHEN HE IS NOTHING, HE HAS DECEIVED HIMSELF."

       When the angelic King David said: "GOD BRINGS TO PASS WHAT IS APPOINTED FOR ME." He wrote as the Lord's anointed. A two dimensional man. God was working in him as well as around him through circumstances and through people.

       The Christian is not expected to see the world as clearly as a Seer. One who sees. But the life of a Christian is also lived as "A TALE THAT IS TOLD." In a growing body of revelations the Christian can expect to increasingly become aware of God's influence upon everything he does.

       The anointed King David wrote in the book of Psalms, "I WILL CRY UNTO GOD MOST HIGH; UNTO GOD WHO PERFORMS ALL THINGS FOR ME." (Psalm 57:2) David could clearly see Christ in him performing all things for him, but the not yet perfected believer is not walking immersed in the Spirit of Christ as David or Solomon or any of the Bible greats.

       Live your Christian life in faith that the Word of God in the holy KJV 1611 Bible is true. Focus on all you are experiencing with as much of a God consciousness as you can. Your understanding will increase as you obey revelations from the Word and from the Spirit of God as you seek Him for the Light you need today.

       As you become increasingly convinced your life is predestined, it ought not to become a matter of egotistical pride with you trying to enlighten the church into division and controversy. "LET EVERY MAN BE FULL PERSUADED IN THEIR OWN MIND." Amen.


The head of one company survived 9/11 because he took his son to kindergarten.

Another fellow is alive because it was his turn to bring donuts.

Another lady was late because her alarm clock didn't go off on time.

One was late as a result of being stuck on the NJ Turnpike because of an auto accident.

One more survivor missed his bus.

One spilled food on her clothes and had to take time to change.

One's car wouldn’t start.

One went back to answer the telephone.

One had a child that dawdled and didn't get ready as soon as he should have.

One couldn't get a taxi.

The one that, struck me was the man who put on a new pair of shoes that morning, went to work by his usual way but before he got there, he developed a blister on his foot. So he stopped at a drugstore to buy a Band-Aid. That is why he is alive today.

Now when you are stuck in traffic, miss an elevator, turn back to answer a ringing telephone... all the little things that used to annoy you.... Think to yourself, this is exactly where God wants you this very moment.

Looking at life through the eyes of predestination makes things quite a bit different.

       Here we have Dawn Robinson's Christian testimony of what she experienced on the 61st floor when the other tower was struck by the first terrorist jet, and how crowds of people were turned back; but the witness she had within from the holy Spirit was to keep on going down to the ground floor and so she lived to tell her story.

       Dawn Robinson's second video is also well worth listening to. The horrors multiplied as she continued in the right direction, and had she walked in the counsel of the ungodly and returned up into the Tower, she would have died along with those who foolishly followed ungodly advice in a deadly crisis. But above it all is the beautiful testimony of Dawn Robinson's faith.



       If you are totally dependent on sacred Scriptures to provide you with road signs to revelation knowledge of what Life is, you will fall short of the glory of God; and will be left with undeveloped INITIAL REVELATIONS.

       Put on A PREDESTINATION MINDSET by analyzing life as you experience it after your initial revelation if you want to experience depth of understanding in this matter.

       God created us in His image so we are wearing carbon copies of His nature. People love beauty, creativity, challenges, companionship, and if we don't have companionship and purpose...we suffer from lonliness and are capable of becoming severely distressed.

       God possesses perfect love, joy, peace, along with perfect patience, perfect gentleness, faith, and so on in his divine nature. We naturally possess an appreciate for those things unless we have been corrupted, but of course we naturally do not know how to supernaturally possess them or be possessed of them in Christ.

       God is unlimited in all of his nature. We are limited in all of our nature.

       Man is made in God's image so many want to control all things like God controls all things, so the good LORD allows the illusion of control to exist among mankind; and many have deluded themselves into believing they are god. The beginning of this delusion is what naturally appears to be the existence of a free will in each of us. It is one thing to have a will and completely another thing to have the power to carry out what we will. Those who want to believe in a free will suppose they have power, but even Adolph Hitler could not have told you what to think, do or say had you been exposed to his tyranny.

       God Almighty does plant the wicked upon the earth for his purposes as the Potter, but the man has not been born who could tell you what to think, do or say. This is an important realization. Hitler was given the power to kill, but his victims did not have to think, do or say anything he ever required. By the fear of death and the hope of getting through the dark black tunnel of his persecutions, the vast majority subjected themselves to his tyranny in the hope of living; but they didn't have to think, do or say anything he and his cronies required.

       The choice they made was not free will. Many were driven by fear into captivity. Some were moved by hope. But none of his victims chose to be tyrannized. The forces outside of them were stronger than their limited strength.

       Thugs who gather around the wicked to do evil with one mind do not do so out of a free will. They also are motivated by their nature. They love spiritual darkness. They lust for the illusion of power. They covet their neighbors goods. They become bloodthirsty. They cannot sleep at night unless they harm others. They follow a Saddam Hussein in fear driven by their own wicked desires.

       They do not decide to follow a tyrant by a free will. God who quickens all things moves them by their wicked nature to join in the tyranny just as God who quickens all things moves the righteous to join in righteousness according to their godly nature.

       All of humanity is fenced in by limitations. We can only be in one place at a time while God is always everywhere. We can only know what we have been learned while God knows all things.

       We all have a limited perception of things. We have limited strength, limited resouces, limited abilities, limited friendships, limited time.

       Whereever any of us go in this world God created, we are fenced in by all of our limitations.

       To put on A PREDESTINATION MINDSET we need to observe what is happening within our limitations as we go about the busy'ness of our lives (presuming you already have the initial revelation that our all powerful all knowing God preordained our lives from before He created the earth, so we are living our lives as as a story already told.)

       Consider what is happening daily within your limitations everywhere you go in life. Accidents are outside of your power to stop them from. One slips and falls in the shower. Another is hit by a car. A towering crane topples over and kills. A flower pot falls from a high rise building. A baby carriage catches in a rut on the sidewalk. Someone stumbles. Planes crash.

       You move about in life with your limited perception field sometimes able only to see a few feet in front of you in a bus or some other vehicle. You have no power over what is going to happen outside of your limited perception field. Remind yourself of those who happened to be present when the terrorists drove two commercial airliners into the world trade towers.

1. Another lady was late because her alarm clock didn't go off on time.

2. One was late as a result of being stuck on the NJ Turnpike because of an auto accident.

3. One more survivor missed his bus.

4. One spilled food on her clothes and had to take time to change.

       "It is appointed for a man to die once...." Appointed? Yes. Those people who worked in the trade towers who were not appointed to die that day were kept away by God Almighty who quickens all things in creation including the planets. He makes it all happen.

       Once you obtain the initial revelation that you are living a predestined life, ...the sacred Scriptures will come alive with Predestiny. God knew the exact moment He was going to hang Saddam Hussein before the tyrant was born, before the earth was created He knew it.

       The illusion of your having a free will is of the flesh. Everyone presumes they have a free will because God rules the visible world from an invisible reality where angels and demons come and go beyond our perception of things. What we believe does not change anything God does. There are churches calling themselves FREE WILL BAPTISTS or some other denomination. They advertise their doctrine. They are saying you are welcome to come into their congregation as long as you do not believe that horrid doctrine of Predestination into their religious building. They are willing to divide over their lack of knowledge of the truth.

       When you meet another believer, Jesus didn't say you would know them by their doctrine. He said you would know them by their spiritual fruit ... if it is good or bad. You can worship with a free will congregation. If you are shopping for fellowship with souls who believe what you believe, you might never find them.

       We are all created equal under the law of the United States, but thats where our equality ends and our individuality begins. It is doubtful you will ever find anyone who believes exactly what you believe, and if you ever did; in a few days that could possibly change. Jesus is the Light of the world and He can dish out a dose of revelations that will make your head spin if He wants to.

       Once you come into the understanding that we are all powerless in this world, it will not surprise you to believe by faith Moses did not part the Red Sea. God parted the Red Sea through Moses. There is a difference.

       Your wording will change a little almost unnoticeably except by those with eyes to see, and ears to hear. Those who believe in free will might say "Moses parted the Red Sea," and those who believe in Predestination might say "God parted the Red Sea through Moses." Strangely enough, both believers would be correct, but the one would be carnal speaking from the flesh, while the other might be spiritual, speaking more accurately from the truth.

       Should we divide over it? Absolutely not! Should we who believe in Predestination correct the inferior language of those who believe in free will? Absolutely not! We are all one body of Christ. A corporate body of believers all growing up into Christ.

       Read the holy Word with the intent now of finding Predestination in Scriptures like our being appointed to die once and come to the understanding that nothing we do can change the appointed moment of our departure from this world.

       We don't choose to come into this world, neither do we choose when we depart from it. If we help our departure along, even that is predetermined by God who quickens all things. Almighty God is the beginning and the end of all things.

       We were born from nothingness and we return to dust. We have no power to come and we have no power to go, and any power we seem to have in this world; is given by God and can be taken away by Him in any moment of any day. We have a will but it is never free. Were there such a thing as a free will, God would not be Almighty. He would be power sharing with humanity and as such, ...He would be movable.

       The God of carnal believers is movable. From their prospective then He cannot be Almighty. But the God of spiritually minded believers is immovable. He is always Almighty.

       We serve the same God but carnal believers have a much smaller idea of God than spiritual believers. Choose this day whom you shall serve!


       Here's the thing about our helplessness on the planet earth.

       Understanding it begins with your taking the time to think it through from beginning to end in your mind remembering that we are to Love the LORD our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength."

       So give serious thought to understanding sacred Scriptures with all your might so you might fulfill the command.

       First of all, you didn't put the earth here and it didn't explode out of nothingness into something. No scientist will ever prove it did. You are a created being who has come from the nothingness God spoke into existence in the somethingness you are.

       Secondly, Adam and Eve were made from mud as the first mating couple out of whose genes the entire human race was proliferated. You were "fearfully and wonderfully made" when you were shaped in the womb of your Mother by God. You didn't choose to be born, but are a masterpiece of God's creation.

       Thirdly, you didn't choose your parents, your gender, your nationality, the time of your birth, and the man hasn't been born yet who has been able to NOT die. That should really get your attention.

       Even though your parents might have had sex every morning, noon and night; they could not have chosen the pregnancy by which you were formed in the womb.

       A fertility doctor cannot guarantee a pregnancy.

       It is out of the realm of man's control.

       Man did not create the earth, man did not create the ability to reproduce, man has no power of whether or not woman becomes pregnant. And when she does become pregnant, neither man nor woman has any power over the gender or the overall condition of the child that comes out of the womb.

       Once you begin to realize all of the helplessness of man all along the way from the creation of the earth to house its inhabitants from the creation of mating couples to the creation of the child in the womb to survival of the human being brought into this world to the helplessness of all mankind to avoid death, then the foundation of your thinking is made strong for you to come to the revelation that God Almighty is not only Omnipotent (all powerful) but he uses it from A to Z by involving Himself in your life totally from beginning to end.

       Now, this exciting video of men defying death racing at high speeds to where one crash after another takes place; is very good for you to watch since there is an obvious span of time from the moment a crash takes place to the end of it; and during the unraveling of the crash on film, you are looking at some who survive and some who do not.

       Taking this thought a little further, consider not only the fact that they did not intentionally crash, nor did they pick the moment of collision; nor were those other drivers in the race guilty of any racing mistake when they were also involved in the tragedies but simply were in the wrong place at the wrong time and irregardless of how great a driver they were, some of them died too.

       As you watch each crash unfold, think about the helplessness of the driver as his vehicle zooms totally out of his control. He certainly didn't choose to crash. So who did? He certainly didn't choose to die? So who does decide? Those who unwittingly happen to be in the way of his crash pattern certainly didn't choose to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? So who did choose for them to be right where they were?

       There are many sinners lost in spiritual darkness who prefer to believe all creation came into being by accident and that the drivers who died in the filmed crashes of this video accidentally happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but when you come to the right understanding of the All Powerful God Almighty ruling over all of His Creation from A to Z, then you will see these crashes through different eyes.

       God Almighty who "quickens all things" chose for each and every crash to take place and He chose who would live and who would die, for we live our lives as stories that were already told before we were born, but you probably have heard it said that you ought not to tempt the LORD.

       There is no doubt high speed racing is entertaining to huge multitudes because drivers are daring death, but just who gets to die and who gets to live is obviously not in the driver's power if you study this video carefully. You should be able to see particularly in the multiple car crashes how the drivers are either in the right place or the wrong place when the wreckage starts to explode into major disasters. No amount of driving skill can preserve them once the carnage begins to unfold at such high speeds.


       Maybe you have heard a righteous man will fall seven times and get back up. We see that in holy Job, wealthiest and most spiritual man in his day; losing everything and rising up out of his trials to receive double from the LORD God to where it can even be implied his anointing was doubled too.

       Once it is understood all humanity is powerless, we are left to our sowing and reaping in this life; to put it into A PREDESTINATION PROSPECTIVE. Diligent farmers sow good seed, nourish and water and guard their crops until it is time to harvest them. However, circumstances beyond their control are capable of destroying their crops before they are brought in from the field. Sudden changes in temperature, wind storms, hail, sleet, and snow and other invasions of the farmer's fields can destroy the harvest. These are things all beyond the farmer's control.

       The sowing and reaping of the farmer is comparable to the sowing and reaping of anyone attempting to put food on their table and a roof over their head while meeting all of the expenses of life. God Almighty is always in control of the outcome of your sowing whatever it may be.

       Adolph Hitler sowed and reaped war to his own undoing. God Almighty let him have his harvest in due season.

       The laborer working for an industry does what is required of him while there is a demand for the services or products the company he works for produces, but if there is no longer the same demand; he may find himself out of work. He sowed himself into that environment and harvested a paycheck as long as the industry prospered but when the Almighty took away the demand for those products or services; the laborer no longer harvested a paycheck there.

       Mankind is not endowed with a clear vision of the future. We sow as diligently as we can and God gives the harvest. This is a principle stated in the Scriptures. It is A PREDESTINATION PROSPECTIVE that can be very helpful in motivating us to live righteously as much as that is possible. Why? Because the righteous man can lose his harvest seven times and rise again seven times to reap another harvest.

       Believing in Predestination has always been controversial. "No man comes to the Father except He draws him." And when the Almighty draws an individual to believe in Him, that individual is unschooled in the ways of the Lord. New believers tend to believe in what they see while "wholly sanctified" believers tend to believe in what they do not see.

       "We walk by faith and not by sight."

       Predestination is the belief the unseen God is working all things unseen. We simply need to be patient with one another until all come into the fullness of Christ. Then we shall all have one mind in the Spirit and Light of Christ in us, the hope of glory.