It is tragic to see energetic souls pounding the pulpits of the churches to convince their audience God cannot resist their prayers for very much longer. They will break through every barrier. They will be heard. They are energized by the Spirit. God's anointing will break every yoke. You just listen. You will learn how not to pray.

         The problem with praying your own word is the corruption that is in it. The Spirit will not anoint the corrupt words of any man. It doesn't matter how forceful you are in the flesh if the words coming out of your mouth are corrupted in any way.

         Pray the Word of God devoutly before the Lord and you will connect to the Spirit if you are living right in his sight.

         It is approximately thirty years at the time of this writing, and the author has yet to hear much mention at all of the prayers in the Bible. You would think religious leaders would teach their congregations to memorize and recite those prayers until they became part of their lives. There are enough prayers in the holy Book to provide sermons for a year or two depending on how much time is spent on them.