Pray without doubting. It is only by faith that you can please God. Those who live for their flesh, will not be able to pray the prayer of faith. The flesh is contrary to the Spirit.

         Many think they can live carnal Christian lives and pray prayers of faith unto God. This is a serious mistake. We are commanded to pray always in the Spirit. How can you pray in the Spirit while you live for the desires of your flesh?

         Die to yourself and you will be enabled to pray in the Spirit. Weed out the vices in your heart so the garden of the Lord can be planted there. Too many are deceived by beautiful media stage settings and canned applause when prayers are offered up unto the Lord. The Almighty is not impressed.

         God follows simple rules in weighing prayers. They must be from your heart, sincere and earnest, and not a show. Your prayer must contribute to your spiritual well being and the spiritual well being of others.

         Saint Paul expressed the will of God when he wrote: "BELOVED, I WISH ABOVE ALL THINGS THAT YOU WOULD PROSPER AND BE IN GOOD HEALTH, EVEN AS YOUR SOUL PROSPERS." The Lord's first priority for your life is the prosperity of your soul. All else is secondary.

         If it is necessary to take away your materialistic blessings and your good health for your soul to prosper, God will do it. If you love anything or anyone more than the Lord, you run the risk of losing them. The commandments were not written in Vain. We are to love the LORD our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. That command leaves no room for anyone or anything to be loved more than God.

         If you want to remove all doubts from your prayers, you must remove all obstacles to the success of your prayers.