The prayer of Saint Francis of Assissi world renown in his day as an ascetic preacher leading a band of improverished disciples about preaching and teaching the gospel, and the prayer as you hear it prayed in the video above can challenge you to righteousness.

         It is easy to pray for the desires of the flesh but difficult to find the perfect will of God to pray it. The flesh wants the riches of this world, fame, success in all we do, popularity, power, friends, admirers, beautiful partners, the wisdom of this world, good health.

         The LORD God wants us to build His Son Christ in us the hope of glory. He would have us dying to self daily and taking up the cross of the living sacrifice to serve Him only.

         If you keep your life, how will you pray in the Spirit in the perfect will of God?

         But if you serve God Almighty day and night in ever growing faith and light, you will increasingly be enabled to find the perfect will of God in your prayers.

         Many who live for their own selves say God doesn't answer their prayers. Is it any wonder? When you live for yourself, then you are left to pray for the things of the flesh.

         Live a devout life for God and the power of prayer will be yours.