The Prophet King David spoke as a head of State and a spiritual man when he wrote of his practice of praying when most of Israel was asleep. "At midnight I will rise to give thanks unto you, because of your righteous judgments." Psalm 119:62

         There are very few individuals so fully committed to God and country to rise at midnight for prayer. But King David is a man after God's own heart.

         The key to midnight prayer centers around your understanding the righteous judgments of the Lord. David was a consummate political leader, government organizer, as well as Commander in Chief of his armed forces. He was well aware of the Lord's righteous judgments in the known world at that time when Israel became the dominant power under his anointed leadership.

         America is the leading nation in the world as of this writing. The citizens of this nation view news nationally and internationally on a daily basis on television, in our newspapers, on the Internet and so on. Just what is a righteous judgment?

         Was the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans a righteous judgment of God? What about the tornado's and earthquakes that wreck havoc in the nation? What about the Columbia and Challenger NASA space shuttle disasters? What about the terrorist attack on the world trade towers?

         Now, in all of these situations, most Christians would suppose themselves unqualified to offer up prayers of thanks for God's righteous judgments, considering how great the genius of God is; and how severe public opinion would be if anyone found out you were thanking God for the death of your fellow Americans.

         But the Prophet King did not say he was thanking God for the death of his fellow Israeli's. He was thanking God for his righteous judgments. So lets consider what kind of prayer of thanks were you to offer up to Almighty God for righteously judging the wickedness taking place in America at the time of the World Trade Tower attacks.

         Remember who you are thanking. God Almighty is the Creator. He has the right and responsibility for judging the world justly or there might not be a balance between good and evil upon the earth. He has feelings. He has concerns. He sees the sorrows and misfortunes of those who lost their loved ones. He sees the terrorists glorying in hiding. He saws militant Muslims the world over celebrating the national tragedy. Presuming you were consciously aware of all of the factors necessary to pray to the all enlightened God of the Universe, your prayer of thanks might have sounded like this one:

         "Oh God Almighty. God all creation. Ruler over all men's lives saved and unsaved. Giver of life to all of the living. Judge of all the dead. You who offer salvation daily through your holy and divine Son, Jesus Christ have shocked the world into the realization that America is not such a great superpower as she is advertised in the media. Her sins are many. She has killed millions of babies as you were secretly forming them in the womb of their Mothers. She has legalized sexual perversions heretofore forbidden in this great land. Justice is for sale in her courts. Embezzlers enrich themselves while honest men are crushed by oppression. The freedom of religion has been perverted to allow the gods of other religions into this great nation where Jesus Christ was laid as its cornerstone. And you Oh LORD my God have the right to bring fire and brimstone down on America for its wickedness have done justly in destroying the World Trade Towers as a sign to this great nation of your sore displeasure with her citizens; but even now Oh God, they have laid the blame on the terrorists who carried out your wrath instead of falling down on their faces before you remorsefully repenting of their evildoings; and you are just Oh God. You have done righteously. I thank you Oh LORD my God for sparing so many in taking so few from among the living. If they had not given their lives to the Saviour who died for them on the cross, they only have their own sinful selves to blame for it. Amen.

         Prayer is communication between God and man. It permits you to minister to God's feelings and reassure Him his devout here are with Him in the necessity of His righteous judgments upon the earth. The kind of holy prayer above permits you to take a stance with God that you must not depart from without good cause with the people. The devout cannot pray such a prayer unto God then tell the people they are right to blame the terrorists alone for the World Trade Tower disaster. Yet Christian churches all across this great nation took the side of President Bush in declaring pointing the finger at terrorists instead of the perversion of freedom of religion in America as its deeper cause.

         To pray a holy and righteous prayer unto God in such circumstances as we have here on September 11th, 2001, you must have eyes to see what is really taking place when it happens. You also need to have sufficient knowledge and experience to enter into the Spirit of the prayer so the Spirit of the Lord is praying through you. Otherwise your prayers will be looked upon by the LORD God for what they are...immature, foolish, and off of the mark.

         Yet there is a need to start somewhere, and if you did not have the mindset to pray a prayer such as you see in the above paragraphs, you could have prayed a humble consent to the LORD'S RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENTS at Midnight on September 11th, 2001 saying, "Oh God, a terrible judgment has fallen upon my country and I do not understand why such a tragedy was necessary, but I know many will be in the churches throughout the land this coming Sunday seeking for answers and I know, the pastors will be ignorant of why you sent the wicked who are your sword; to destroy the lives of those in and around the towers and bring them down in such a calamity. Therefore I do thank you because I know you are righteous and only you can bring great good out of such a great evil, so would you please raise up a voice in the land to enlighten us all as to the reason for your righteous judgment; that we as a nation might be brought into repentance for our offenses against you.

         In other words, there are levels of spirituality in prayer. The first prayer would be what might be expected of a holy and devout Saint. The second might be from a devout Christian trusting God even though they cannot comprehend the disaster that took place.

         God wants you to grow in discerning his righteous judgments. We are told in holy Scripture His judgments are high above out of sight of the wicked. But as your focus is upon his righteous judgments, you will give the Lord opportunity to speak to your consciousness regarding them, particularly if you are praying for the wisdom to properly interpret what really is going on in the world around you.

         There are many who claim to be prayer warriers who have never risen to a proper midnight prayer before the LORD. Don't be deceived. The Lord does not hear the prayers of those who pray to be seen of men nor those who boast of their prayers. The Lord listens to those who pray secretly in their prayer closets particularly those who are on duty for THE FOUR PRAYER TIMES DAILY rather than those who pray randomly when they feel moved. To PRAY UNCEASINGLY is a duty not only to God and country, but to your own spiritual development.

         Midnight prayers prayers signal your around the clock commitment to live a godly life. They represent your political commitment to your country in the prayer closet. It is rare for a believer to pray for individuals during the day, but even more rare for someone to be up at midnight praying for the spiritual well being of their nation.