The Bible the world has inherited is from Israeli holy men of old. Prophets, Apostles and the Messiah Himself. So it is wise to watch the above video where the body language of prayer is exhibited by Israeli's learn it from their culture passed down to them through the Centuries. Israelites throw themselves into prayer body, mind, soul and spirit. Visiting Jewish prayer meetings opened my eyes to the force of their prayers being so much more expressive than what might be expected in a Church prayer meeting.

         In sacred Scriptures passed down from Jewish Authors, we are told: "Evening and morning and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice." Psalm 5:17

         In Psalm 5:17 we have three of the designated times for daily prayer along with counsel from the Word of God encouraging us to "CRY ALOUD" in our prayers. This counsel works very well with "OPEN YOUR MOUTH WIDE AND I WILL FILL IT." Since the Spirit of prayer is the Person of the holy Ghost, the "I" who fills spiritual prayers is the holy Ghost, the power of prayers.

         A general idea of what to pray in the morning has already been suggested from the Scriptures and from experience. By the time noon arrives, the day is well on its way for most believers. And there is business at hand where prayer is needed.

         Finding a place where you can pray in secret is not easy. It may be necessary for you to retreat to your car in the employees parking lot or to some other place of privacy where you can raise your voice in prayer. Again, it is important to enter the Lord's gates with thanksgiving and praise to make sure you are charged up spiritually as much as possible before praying.