"COMMAND YE THE LORD," like any of the other tools designed by God Almighty for a holy man's tool box, is of little use for those ungodly prayers intended to be consumed upon your lust. You can't go outside and lay hands on a building and command the LORD God to provide your ministry with such a building when you intend to turn it into your little feudal world.

         The religious world contains at all times many feudal lords lording it over the sheep.

         "COMMAND YE THE LORD," is also not a license for the servant of the Lord to push God around in their prayers. It is not a license to tell God "You have to do this for me, Lord." God Almighty is not a genie in a bottle.

         "COMMAND YE THE LORD," like the ability God gives certain empowered disciples in the Spirit to BIND AND LOOSE is the kind of power an Elijah or Moses the Prophet possessed in the Lord. Nonetheless, to come into such power, there must be a beginning; and so it is not harmful to use command the Lord in an encouraging way in your prayers particularly when you have the witness of His Spirit in the words of your mouth flowing out of you like a river of living waters. When the witness is there, it may be time for the command to be there since it would be God commanding Himself through you.

         You will find none of the Bible Prophets going around laying hands on buildings or beasts of burden (the cars of their day) to claim them for their work nor do we find them fund raising so they can do the work of the Lord although they did at times use money to further their purposes. They used their spiritual tool box for spiritual matters and were not materialists in their service unto the Lord.

         A "COMMAND YE THE LORD" prayer would not work well were you to simply say, "Oh God I have a command for you. Get me a resourceful individual over her to do my taxes right away. I'm in trouble with the IRS." You would be wasting your time. The command comes in the midst of petitioning the great King who reigns over the Universe He created in glory few have ever seen or glimpsed, and in your petitioning Him who is all knowing and all powerful; the Spirit empowered prayer might include a command seen to be an obvious benefit of wisdom.

         "DO IT, Oh God and your work here will prosper gloriously. HOLD NOT BACK your merices and graces. RELEASE YOUR MINISTERING ANGELS to this purpose Oh LORD." There you have three commands in the midst of petitioning. The one praying is not ruling the universe. God is. The three commands exemplified are meant to encourage God to move in this matter of prayer. No one can tell God what to do.