There is no day off from prayer. It is a holy habit designed to protect you from backsliding and from your temperment. Let's say you are angry and it is time for prayer. What is your natural inclination? The flesh would have you say to yourself, "I'm in no condition to pray to God right now. I'll wait til I'm in a better mood." The carnally minded are foolish.

         Tomorrow you'll have another excuse.

         "THE FLESH IS CONTRARY TO THE SPIRIT AND THE SPIRIT IS CONTRARY TO THE FLESH." If you are waiting to feel like praying, you'll not pray much.

         The flesh is against prayer.

         Prayer is a mind set God wants for believers. "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING," cannot work for you until you realize it is an important part of putting on Jesus Christ. Jesus went aside to pray. Those prayers were not recorded, but some of his prayers are recorded in holy Scripture.

         Many are discouraged from prayers saying, "God does not answer my prayers." God certainly does not answer the new believer like he does the Saint, but you are greatly mistaken if you think you should be able to climb onto a roof top like Saint Peter who prayed in the Spirit and saw the vision of what he thought was unclean. Peter is one of twelve rulers of the body of Christ corporately and had to be taught much to do his job as an Apostle.

         Likewise Peter had graduated to the deep things of God so he was able to pray in the Spirit. Every believer needs to start somewhere to build the spiritual man and though prayer seems of the least importance, it is just as essential to your becoming "A NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST" as skill in preaching and in praise.

         Going into prayer at the designated prayer times protects you. If you are in a temper as the day draws near its end, prayer and the praise accompanying it can dissolve your anger and you will find yourself obedient to the admonition to "LET NOT THE SUN GO DOWN ON YOUR WRATH."

         To say your prayers were not answered would be a wrong assessment of the meanings of prayer. Prayer is obedience to God. Those who do not pray because they say their prayers are not answered, are disobedient to God for not praying, so when they finally do get around to it; it may be they are in a crisis prayer.

         Who would you rather be in a crisis? A believer with an obedient prayer habit, or a believer living in disobedience in regard to prayers? The believer in disobedience certainly ought not to expect to have their prayer answered when they finally get around to praying.

         To complicate matters further with such a complaint, few believers have the Spirit or the skills in the Word to recognize an answer from God. So to say your prayers are not answered means you have a God who does not do exactly what you tell him to do, and there is no such covenant between you and him.

         Prayers are answered according to the plan God has for your life and not specifically according to the way you want God to answer your prayers. Far better for you to look back upon the way your life has progressed in contrast to your obedience or lack of obedience toward him. What kind of prayers are you offering?

         Let's consider two men praying. Jesus said, the humble petitioner was on his knees beating his chest while telling God how he needed mercy while the proud individual let God know he was not inferior like the humble man, but boasted of his righteousness.

         God receives prayers from the humble, but the proud who tell the LORD how holy they are, He resists.