Permit me to introduce the faithful to God through Christ to the essentials necessary to understanding politics as it is practiced in America, so you might avoid the vanities of believing what ought not to be believed while subordinating your life to those whom you ought not to subordinate yourself to. To accomplish this mountain of work without writing a book on the subject, great briefness will be used:

         America has two main parties as you already know, with several smaller impotent parties with very little money or political clout. At the time of this writing, it would be nearly impossible for George Washington or Abraham Lincoln to become elected by either party. So greatly has the nation and its parties backslidden from its former state as a Christian people, Americans would find it hard to follow them.

         To arise as a political star in either the Republican or Democratican parties, office holders by necessity of raising sufficient funds to advance, must attach themselves to rich special interests which have become entrenched with great wealth in the nation's economy. Politicians no longer offer the individual voter much more than rheteric about making life better for them.

         The vastness of the nation and its incredible wealth have made it impractical for a political candidate to talk to the people personally to become elected without an immense campaign fund. Just to get elected Mayor in a major southern California city requires approximately $50,000 in campaign funds.

         Construction firms with interests in building high rises and apartments in places formerly occupied by residential homes are frequent supporters of candidates to make sure their applications for city approval of their plans is taken care of. The consequence of such special interests at the lower levels of politics brings ruin spiritually to major cities with continually increasing congestion in population, services, and traffic. Governments do not learn from their mistakes. A careful look at downtown Los Angeles traffic gridlock, and Southern and Northern California freeway gridlock, should have enlightened the electorate and its political leaders long ago. Once in a while, a voice in the wilderness cries out for a city to stop, but major cities in the nation continue to build more and more congestion as a rapid pace.

         Increasing population densities invites gang growth, drug sales and use, and crime in general. Ever increasing population densities also drives up the cost of living. Decreased spirituality comes in through the growing transitionalizing of the environment in which people find themselves. People change housing and jobs so often, and are in such a hurry to take care of their business, they rarely get to know their neighbors. As a result, "love your neighbor" is almost dead in America. But "the love of money which is the root of all evil" is very much alive!

         Politicians on the federal level need so much more money to get elected, individual voters find it nearly impossible to sit down with Congressmen or Senators to discuss their needs or views while lobbyists for special interests come and go with great ease with corporate funds at their disposal to buy favors. The days when the people could walk into the White House and speak with Abraham Lincoln about their needs are long gone.

         Once you understand neither of the two main American political parties represents the people nor our national interests (although they will insist they do in political rheteric to get your vote) the truth will set you free to use your time more profitably in the political arena.

         Christians have attempted to build God's people into a voting block in this country to produce the political power to improve life, but have found it an extremely difficult thing to do. If they intended to stop the killing of babies in the womb, or to bring the right to openly pray in school; they have failed. In those two issues, every faithful believer in the country agrees. Yet they were unable to change the system in any major way.

         Nonetheless, the faithful do need to attempt to elect righteous leaders whereever they can find them. "Where the righteous reign, the people rejoice." Proverbs A big part of the problem is: The churches in America are so lukewarm and hypocritical, they are not producing righteous disciples walking in the anointing where the Spirit of the Lord "teaches all things." 1 John 2:27

         But let us proceed to identify the issues so every motivated Christian can do his duty politically. You'll keep in mind, serving your country in one of the two or more political parties is often at your own expense (which explains why there is so much political apathy until a country is overrun by war, economic depression or tyranny. Then masses of people awaken to their duty, and you see filmclips on the news regularly of mass marches demostrating in afflicted countries.)

         We have already identified several political issues. The solution to contruction is for cities to allow only residential houses to replace residential houses, house for house, to avoid increasing congestion.

         On the federal level, politicians have admitted in the past the need to put limits on soft money contributions. Another name for the bribes lobbyists offer and pay politicians to back the special interests lobbyists represent. To be realistic, neither party wants to do away with the rivers of money flowing into their treasuries from special interests. By those contributions they stay in office and increase their personal wealth besides. Since neither party will voluntarily close the door on soft money contributions, a peaceful revolution of the people is needed to run them all out of office. A very difficult thing to do since their voice is so much more easily heard in America than yours.

         Moving on to easier but still nearly impossible issues to solve politically, let us consider the federal and local health care agencies. To identify the problem, let's begin by pointing the finger at psychologists and psychiatrists whom courts and government agencies call on for judgments regarding the condition of individuals. For example, a frequent issue is the sanity of the accused in court claiming "insanity" or "temporary insanity" for the crime they committed. In health care agencies across the nation, they or their subordinates process a steady stream of clients into government welfare based on their diagnosis. If they diagnose a potential client as being mentally handicapped by one of many so called disorders, they are able to put the individual on permanent disability at the expense of the taxpayer, thus increasing the number of clients they supposed serve. These clients can be seen everywhere in American society wandering around aimlessly under the influence of government drugs. In 99% of the cases they handle, the disorder is sin. The cure is the truth that sets us free.

         Psychology as a profession is not of God. In fact, federally backed government health care agencies are secretly hostile to God and the Bible, as are most psychologists and psychiatrists. The political solution is to close them down, take their clients off of government administered drugs and put them to work at graduated menial labor until they are able to take care of themselves. A very difficult thing to do, seeing they were weak and lazy from the beginning in most cases, seeking to be coddled by society. Establishing work habits in people who have become habituated to not working would be quite a chore for government, but worth it. Drugged up health care clients are caught in the snare of the Devil. "He that does not work does not eat." Neither physically or spiritually. Most of them are on a fast track therefore to hell and are unaware of it. They don't work, so their faith is without works and is therefore dead. Furthermore, "the idle soul will be famished." They are not happy. People need purpose. Their purpose for living has been stolen from them. It would be a great political achievment to put health care agencies out of business, freeing the clients from their bondage and sending the psychological counsellors of darkness back to the profitable work force in some other form of employment.

         Moving on to another problem. In Orange County, California the public defender budget in the early 2000's was around fifty million a year. But public defenders serve the courts rather than their so called clients. They are essentially sheep herders guiding accused inmates to what plea to enter to make the courtroom a more efficient place for the judges. It is rare for a public defender to actually take the role of defense lawyer on the part of someone in a legal bind. They do on occasions become involved in trials as defense lawyers, but most of the fifty million dollar budget is spent on herding the sheep or goats into the court room with just a few minutes of consultation.

         The poor are often railroaded with such inferior legal counsel into unjust jail terms, convictions and fines. The solution will not be easy. Changing any government system once it gets rooted is always hard. The flow of offenders and falsely accused individuals into the jails is astronomical. Perhaps that is how the public defender budget degenerated to its present state.

         The solution is to let the TIME SERVED category of individuals pass through the system with the same minimum of counsel, but those who are in a serious legal bind should be able to petition for a piece of the public defender budget based on the supply of funds and their legal needs. Once approved, they should be able to choose their own lawyer with the funds and their signature on a payment voucher ought to be the means to release the money their lawyer has coming. This system of the accused choosing their own lawyer with government funds backing them ought to be as competitive as the marketplace where people hire lawyers of their own choosing with their own money.

         Moving on to another issue. Every driver is acutely aware of the video cop camera's springing up on major intersections in California. I presume this is taking place throughout the country. The price tag for a moving violation is considerably more. I personally paid over three hundred dollars for a moving violation that no policeman in his right mind would have thought was a violation worthy of a ticket. Even the photographs sent to me showed my truck making a safe right turn at a signal light with no vehicle near. Drivers make right turns in California regularly in California. But the video camera photographed it as a violation. The same violation written up by an officer would have cost a hundred and twenty dollars. The extra charge of two hundred dollars was supposedly justified to pay for the video cop equipment. In addition, my insurance rates jumped a little but for other drivers the insurance leap would have been more had there been moving violations already on their record.

         A state wide law is needed to reduce the fines to what it would cost the offender were an officer writing the ticket. Furthermore, the presence of video cop equipment ought to be advertised by law with flashing lights of some kind to warn motorists that a mechanical cop is present who has no discernment between safe violations and unsafe ones. In this way, the oppression of this new system can be made more practical as a tool for traffic control.

         Now that you have the idea, I will attempt to close out this counsel by simply listing a few more issues to which you can elaborate as you see fit; adding to and taking way as the Lord leads you:

         There are so many things good government can do for the people in California. If the issue applies to other states in the union, you there can consider the merit of these issues according to your light there. In Anaheim, California and other cities, there is a hotel bed tax which drives the cost of living up for the poor who cannot afford to rent an apartment or house. To make matters worse, if they do stay for a month in a hotel, they have to cease living in that hotel room for one day a month which disrupts their coming and going to take care of their own business. This is a very unjust situation requiring wisdom.

         Another oppressive law is the issuance of camping tickets to the homeless and to those living in vehicles. Garden Grove charges $400.00 for a camping ticket which is issued to drive the camper out of their city. In many cases, the homeless cannot afford to pay the ticket and an arrest warrant is issued. This is an evil tool in the hands of bad cops and ought not to be allowed. The State legislature needs to step in to the gap with government legislature outlawing such ordinances. But once again, there is no money in it and they are money driven.

         If the churches had not already sold their right to use their congregations as political bodies in exchange for tax free status, these issues could easily be solved by God's people. Get the state franchise board to stop issuing tax free status to churches and empower the church as it ought to be. Then the church can become a political force as it was in early America. Then such evils will be easier to overcome with good.

         If someone has no other housing, it should not be illegal to sleep in their vehicle. If they are pouring out their toilet in the street or dumping their trash there, that is certainly not acceptable. Neither should anyone take up residence in a parked vehicle permanently, but if they move on within 24 hours without causing problems, it should not be a problem.

         This country was built by people camping along the way in wagon trains, in tents, etc. All of the land is in use now, so it seems reasonable for government to provide locations for campers too poor to afford housing.

         Another political battle that needs to be fought on the federal level involves the removal of evolution from the educational system, but if that is not possible, there is a need to get creation into the texts. The supeme court recently voted this solution down. So you see we are losing the battle for souls at every turn. You can soon expect it to be illegal to own a Bible. Better do your part now before its too late!

         America also needs THE BOARD OF EDUCATION back in the classroom. Unruly students need to be punished particularly in the lower grades when they are more plyable. Once the rebellious spirit prevailing in the nation gets into their spirit, there is little anyone can do for them.

         President Bush's Patriot Act is unpatriotic. It needs to be repealed. It requires a housing address for the homeless to access post office boxes and many other government services. If their needs can be remedied, the Act may prove to be good government, but it appears to be a step closer to a growing police state in the name of national security.

         Every business should be required to provide a restroom for their customers. And every public pay phone should work both ways so the poor who cannot afford a telephone will be able to transact their business. Watch out for the telephone companies. They want to market cell phones. They will send their lobbyists to state and federal governments to fight against such legislation. But we need government for the people and by the people, don't we.

         Driving while holding a cell phone is a danger that needs to be addressed by legislation and law enforcement to force consumers to purchase mouthpieces to their phones. Even then drivers will be less attentive to traffic while they are talking on the phone, but at least they will have both hands free to steer their vehicle.

         Southern California is reclaimed desert country. It gets hot here in the summer especially for those who cannot afford air conditioning in their vehicles. There is a great shortage of shade trees in every city. As a result, there is intense competition for available shade. Businesses and home owners complain enough to law enforcement of drivers hanging out in the shade of trees near their residence or business with such effectiveness that a phenomenon has arisen to where most traffic curbs under shade trees are painted red to where there is no shade available for motorists. Return the shade to the people with signs permitting at least an hour of use per driver unless it quenches business for the businessman. Those curbs should not be painted red to make life more convenient for the local police department.

         Let me close this list out by saying, it is hoped it will be of some use to you in forming your political mind in a godly way. We, as believers, ought to PLEAD FOR THE POOR. I think you will find that theme throughout this counsel. Government leaders say they will fight for the poor to get their votes, but America needs leaders who walk the talk. It is hoped you will be one of them.


         The presidents of the United States have taken on a spirit of hopelessness in the past few decades toward the management of the internal affairs of the United States and have found themselves policing the world situation. By doing so they have grossly neglected the spiritual and material condition of the nation.

         We are told in holy Scripture, that WHERE THERE IS NO VISION, THE PEOPLE PERISH. Therefore, here is the vision the next President of the United States to get involved in oiling the machinery of government throughout the United States and its satellites to put a halt to the growing police state and return power to the people.

         The President will need daily television time amounting to up to several hours to magnify what FDR exemplified in his Fireside Chats over national radio. A staff of lawyers and representatives working directly for the President will be needed in every State and satellite ready to run to any situation that presents itself.

         A large staff answering mail, emails, and telephone calls will be needed as well to look into communications regarding injustices everywhere. The representatives in the field would be sent in to interview and film all conversations and evidence taking each case to its proper conclusion, if necessary to the filing of legal documents at the expense of the government to defend the people and justice.

         This would be the President's top priority. It would occupy him the entire four years of office and could only be brought into being by a landslide political victory operating as a mandate from the people to do it. This will not be a mandate for a dictatorship. The President can expect many to stonewall him as he attempts to serve the needs of the people and the nation rather than the greed of special interests. If we do not get a President into office soon to go to work in the internal machinery of government, America cannot expect to go on much longer as a sovereign nation. May God have mercy on us. Amen.