It is written: "IF ANY MAN SPEAK, LET HIM SPEAK AS AN ORACLE OF GOD." (1 Peter 4:1 1) We were created to walk in the Spirit of the LORD and for him to speak through us. When this is manifest, the individual is speaking as AN ORACLE OF GOD. But how can you speak as AN ORACLE OF GOD? Where should you start?

      Almost all of the religions of the world have produced oracles who speak for their gods, when a Christian speaks for the living God, it is important to know the written Word of God and how it applies to the situation being addressed. It is also important to work hard at entering into a continual state of holiness where NO CORRUPT COMMUNICATION PROCEEDS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. Ungodly Christians cannot expect to speak as AN ORACLE OF GOD but they will try because they are ungodly.

      Even though you are serving TWO MASTERS at this time while you remain employed in this world seeking for the Lord to call you into his holy work, you can begin to work at speaking as AN ORACLE OF GOD.

      Remember, you are designed to ONLY speak for God and to never speak for yourself.

      Moses set such an example speaking THE LIVELY ORACLES (Acts 7:38) of God in the desert prior to Israel's backsliding by the making of the golden calf. By LIVELY ORACLES we are to understand the miracles he spoke into being prior to their backsliding, but also the miracles he spoke into being after he made them obedient to God upon his descent from Mount Sinai.

      One thing to keep in mind when considering the meaning and power of an oracle, is that THE WORD WAS GOD. When an individual is one with God so he speaks THE WORD OF GOD in the Spirit, there may not be the parting of the Red Sea; but something should take place according to what was spoken.

      The wayfaring man came across a Christian family where the teenage son boasted of what a great deal he had gotten that day in buying what was obviously a stolen bycycle worth three hundred dollars for twenty. It was immediately clear the son had no concern for the victim, but only his own selfish self; so the wayfaring took the father aside who said it was none of his business.

      "Oh, but it is your business what your son does while he is living under your authority on your property. Tell him to rid himself of the bycycle or be prepared for to pay the consequences."

      In a few days the family was dirt bike riding in the wild and another dirt bike rider landed on the man's son crushing the arm with which he purchased the victim's new bycycle. The family's fun was over. They rushed the teenager to the hospital where the wayfaring man visited and found him in terrible pain. The Dad had purchased pain pills but the nurse misplaced them, and the boy was suffering terribly without them after the doctor had set his arm in a cast. An oracle had come to pass.

      No "THUS SAITH THE LORD" is necessary. We are to speak the truth with conviction against darkness whereever we find it when the timing is right, but don't plan on bringing fire down from heaven. THE ORACLES OF GOD were commited to those chosen from among the Jewish people a long time ago and God hasn't changed his mind. Reference Romans 3:1/2.

      We begin by coming to a true understanding of "THE FIRST PRINCIPLES OF THE ORACLES OF GOD" and graduate to the deep things of God in his timing.

      If you speak for yourself, nothing will come of it; but if you train to speak only for God; you have the foundation of "THE FIRST PRINCIPLES OF THE ORACLES OF GOD." Hebrews 5:12

      When Jehoshaphat had riches and honor in abundance, he joined affinity with Ahab, and wicked Ahab persuaded him to join his forces with his in a war. And Ahab gathered together four hundred false prophets who would tell him what he wanted to hear in the presence of King Jehoshaphat, but Jeshoshaphat asked for a prophet of the Lord.

      So Ahab sent a messenger to fetch Micaiah who told the prophet of the Lord: "BEHOLD, THE WORDS OF THE PROPHETS DECLARE GOOD TO THE KING WITH ONE ASSENT; LET YOUR WORD THEREOF, I PRAY YOU, BE LIKE ONE OF THEIRS, AND SPEAK GOOD." 2 Chronicles 18:12

      But Micaiah said, ' "AS THE LORD LIVES, EVEN WHAT MY GOD SAYS, THAT WILL I SPEAK." Any other mindset gives opportunity to the Devil.

      Micaiah proceeded to tell King Ahab while Jehoshaphat listened, saying a lying spirit told the LORD in heaven he would be "A LYING SPIRIT IN THE MOUTH OF ALL HIS (AHAB'S FALSE) PROPHETS."

      We have here a contrast between true and false prophets. One speaks as AN ORACLE FOR GOD, the others speak as oracles for the Devil. One speaks truth to please God. The others speak lies to please man.

      There is a collection of written oracles from the Word of God the diligent student could work with to ready himself to speak as AN ORACLE OF GOD. Click onto the below link and scroll down the document until you come to the list. The length of it taken from the Bible should persuade you of just how great the learning is to become AN ORACLE or a prophet, and though you might not have the ability or the will power to learn so much Word of God; nonetheless, you can begin to train your mind to think and even speak according to the Word of God you see in that long list of oracles whereby transgressors can be judged.