So you gathered a crowd of two hundred and fifty people instantly by crying out to them at a Cinco de Mayo festival as they departed from one attraction not knowing what attraction to go to next, and a bull from security came and stood in your face to block you from continuing to preach the gospel to them.

         You certainly gathered them in the Spirit, but to keep a crowd requires much skill in the Spirit as well. Was there not a wall of about four feet to the side of the crowd? Why did you not run to it and stand on its edge to continue the preaching. The guard could not have found a foot hold to obstruct you there, for they had no right by law to lay hands on you nor obstruct your freedom of speech in the first place, but America is against the God of its founders.

         Authorities will always win if they can distract you from your purpose and give the crowd an opportunity to disperse, so when you see them coming it is undoubtedly wise to find a perch where they cannot lawfully obstruct the work.

         You had the Spirit to preach, however the energy you put into it must be measured for sweetness as well as volume. If they cannot hear you as well as they would like to, they will draw all the closer and become more intimate with you as a crowd. Then they will defend against intruders high or low so they can hear what sounds good and heavenly in their ears, but your emphasis on volume alone quenches the Spirit, for you get into shouting. And no-one wants to be shouted at.

         It is good you entered into the Spirit but it does not appear you had a sufficient supply of the Spirit for the work or the Lord of glory would have shown you these things and your work would have prospered in a better way.

         Be encouraged that you have found the power of God to draw a large crowd in so short an instance, and know this that were you to have engaged them in a better way; you might have gathered the entire multitude to hear Christ preaching in you.