Around February 5th every year:

       Marti Gras is French for "fat Tuesday." What they mean by that in New Orleans is it is the last day to get fat with sin before the forty days of Lent begins its imposition of fasting and abstinance from sin.

       When you are preaching events like Marti Gras, you are preaching the parties of sinners as well as ungodly believers who don't know better. It is important to keep these two facts in mind. First to get the sinners saved. Secondly to recruit the ungodly to preach with you that they might learn to become godly (presuming your example is godly which is not always the case with those who say they represent God and Christ).

       Marti Gras is a party behind the mask. Participants are wearing whatever costume please their fantasies. Hiding behind the mask allows them the freedom to sin without the fear of being recognized. So it is such celebrations are extremely sinful.

       Marti Gras is a week or more of festivities and parades which you can precede with your preaching vocally or if you're a little more courageous, you can use a hand held amp of some kind. Going right before the parade means you'll pass by uniformed police to reach the crowds gathered for the parade. You'll have to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove to get away with it.

       Bourbon Street is normally not open to vehicle traffic and is usually packed with people on foot. It is the center of the party and of degeneracy. Sodomites inhabit Bourbon Street and they can become quite incensed at power preaching.

       If you are with a crowd of preachers and witnesses, you might gather all together and march through as a unit singing praises and preaching from that strategy. One group of hundreds of witnesses and preachers carried amps on their shoulders that sent the sound of singing back down the line so all were in unison as they ploughed through the thick crowds in Bourbon Street during Marti Gras. If you'll take a close look at the photograph, you'll see balconies. They'll be packed with people too during the Marti Gras party season.

       The police as you might imagine will put you in jail for preaching during Martis Gras. "The world loves their own." If you are not willing to go to jail for Jesus, then you don't belond in the real world preaching his Word. Keep in mind you can do just as much good preaching in jail as you can outside with your freedom. Although there is an inclination for the authorities to drug up preachers in jail as though we were psychotics in need of a dose. Their drugs will take a lot of the fight out of you, and they will sometimes require a serious withdrawal time.

       There are some churches who will let you sleep in their pews during Marti Gras. Don't be afraid to ask the other witnesses where they are spending the night. If you are sleeping in your vehicle, lets hope your heater works; and you have heavy gear to insulate you from the night cold.


Spring at locations all over the country:

       Once again we are talking about preaching a party. A big one. This is a very tough thing to do, but there are crowds and they are not going to go anywhere for a while nor do they really have anything to do of any importance, so there is a chance a skillful Orator could entertain their mind with the truth they so desperately need to hear.

       Just to make it clear beer is one of the things American students glorify besides sex and rock and roll. Its fashionable at Spring Break parties everywhere to have a can of beer in hand. Here is a video isolating drunks as a reminder of just how stupid someone intoxicated can get.

       In their commitment to let go of all responsibility and release their party spirit, drunkeness is ongoing in Spring Break parties.

       As you can see by looking into this refrigerator, students from all over the country do not flock to Spring Break parties to eat and sleep right or to do right morally. They come to drink, fornicate, act wild and even crazy and let off steam.

To tell a crowd they are wrong to have fun when that is what they have come to do is not going to work. What can work is a better entry into their minds such as: "Hey, I'm so glad you all came here so we could have a chance to discuss some really important things in life." That kind of line might get you started but you will have to be quicker than the crowd you are talking to, and loud enough to be heard above cheers and jeers. They did not come to Spring Break to listen to you. You are an uninvited guest.

       Keep in mind we are to "CONDEMN NOT" although it is tempting for those offended by their foolishness to condemn them for their unruly behaviour while degenerate American society encourages decadence to make their cash registers sing.

       In this video an unskillful preacher took on a Spring Break crowd and soon had them turned off to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He could have done so much better had he known how to keep the crowd of young Americans that gathered upon his arrival tuned in to what he needed to say to encourage them to maintain their most mature God consciousness lest they find a bill in the mail for their sins.

       Notice carefully in the beginning how the man had a receptive cheering crowd, but immediately got into a condemnation mode of preaching and became an irritating noise on the beach answered by mockery continually. You can learn from his mistakes when you are ready to respect the lawful right of the students to gather in Spring Break parties throughout America, where their responsibility to the Moral Law of Almighty God is the issue.

       In the above video of immature preaching, the female approaching him in a bikini is not breaking the law. She knows she is scantily clad. Nearly nude as he pointed out in his condemnations to all of them.

       When have you ever won anyone to your persuasion by pointing the finger of accusation at them?

       He condemned them for drinking and she came to remind him Jesus drank wine.

       "Yea, but he didn't get drunk." He cried out as she walked away in peace.

       She turned back to make herself clear.

       "Yes, but he drank."

       She was sword fighting with the wanna be' preacher and beat him with a truth from the Bible.

       The students were drinking but most are sober as you will see if you give this video some time. Preaching Spring Break requires a Spirit of truth and virtue with understanding.

       In abusing his right to preach the gospel, the young zealot invited wrong impressions of what serving the Lord means.

       In that ugly bag the Media calls "The Far Right" are the executions of killers of babies in the wombs of their Mothers and the errors of big name religious leaders publicly while screamers screaming the gospel in public forums like the preaching on Panama Beach video above, irritate public opinion toward mature believers.

       Many a witness going out to preach parties in the United States, goes because they really want to be part of the party. Their hearts are not into preaching the gospel as much as they ought to be. The multitude of bikini clad young women certainly distracted the young Bible thumper.

       What a swirl of activity went on before him as shouts came from every direction on the beach with young adults coming and going all around him. Some flung sand at him while others laughed him off as a mockery of all they saw as good as he threatened them with hellfire and damnation if they didn't leave the party they flew into town to do at no small expense in time and planning.

       Preaching parties like Spring Break requires so much skill and preparation, consider proclaiming Christ where people are not partying.

       Big city bus stops have captive audiences waiting for their bus sometimes ten, twenty, even thirty minutes. Maybe you're a worker standing among them every evening at quitting time. Who said you were excused from proclaiming your love for Jesus.

       May God be with you mightily in whatever you do for Him!

Be Nice!!!


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