You were preaching as you went through the big city until you came to a road going up as a steep incline; and you began walking up toward the crest. But about half way up there was no more strength left in your legs, and you felt the Lord walking in you.

         And by the strength of his legs in you supernaturally, you were enabled to walk over the crest and into the residential community where you proclaimed Christ.

         And you were wondering what you were to make of such wonders?

         You'll remember from the Scriptures that "IN WEAKNESS HIS STRENGTH IS PERFECTED" in those of us called to walk in Him. There are many ways the Lord of glory will manifest in you according to the needs of your service unto Him. This was one of them.

         "YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS YOU" and the manisfestations of the Lord to help you do His work ought not to distract you from what He guides you to do.