Now you are trying to understand the meaning of a gigantic sword that came down from heaven pointing toward the ground right outside of the telephone booth where you were going to call the one you love after she departed from you.

      You were right to not make the phone call. It was the Lord who set you free to become his holy disciple learning things of the Spirit hidden from mankind. Why would you turn back from a divine calling for a woman who has no heart for the high calling of God? The gigantic sword was a sign from the Lord that it was he who divided you.

      You should be commended for going into a fast to pray for her soul, but the beautified heart of love the Lord showed you was not his love for her, ... it was his love for you.

      She is no longer your concern. Let the man who took her pray if he can. Evil will not depart from the house of those who do evil to him who does good.

      Bear the cross of the living sacrifice daily as a wayfaring man going where you are led continually by the Spirit and the Lord will give you loved ones who appreciate Christ in you.

      What God joins together man ought not to divide, and what God divides, man ought not to join together.