A dear one backslid drastically and you were so greatly concerned you went into an alley where you called out to the Lord in prayer continually seeking his mercy for her soul.

         And after two hours you went into a nearby restuarant and ordered a glass of wine to take as holy communion, and when you did; the image of a divine heart appeared in a vision. And you want to know the interpretation of the vision?

         You undoubtedly thought the vision meant the Lord loves the one who has done wickedly, however; it is you his disciple whom he loves.

         The reason his divine love is manifest for you at this time, is your concern for the woman who has done such a great evil to you "evil shall not depart from her house". Instead of hate, you prayed for her who despitefully used you. Now this treasure is stored up in heaven for your glory and honour in the world to come.