You heard a voice cracking the air all of a sudden as you sat quietly in your prayer closet. And you had to think for a few minutes before you realized the sound you had heard without understanding it, was the sound of two words spoken so quickly together; they sounded like one word.

         Once you realized what was said, you also decided it come from your mouth even as God had spoken through the donkey in the Bible who knew nothing of human speech.

         The Lord had spoken the words "BE STILL" through your mouth. But what did it mean?

         You realized those two words were part of the Word of God in the Scriptures where it is written: "BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD."

         And you rightly discerned, if you were to be still; you would know that God is God.

         So you began to say the words BE STILL over and over again while focusing on them until you fell into a trance where you seemed to see the heavens and supposed you like Saint Paul were in the third heaven.

         And you feared, supposing you had left your body and that your heart had stopped beating and would like to know the truth.

         You had nothing to fear for you had not left your body, neither had your heart stopped beating. But you were caught up in the Spirit and were unaccustomed to doing it in that way.

         There is an "OPEN DOOR SET BEFORE YOU," so be sure to go in to be one with the Lord and have communion with Him.