So you say nothing surprises you anymore as the Lord of glory continues to reveal Himself to you in so many divine ways.

         You and several others went witnessing together and while everyone was busy on the sidewalk where people were coming and going, you felt a bolt of lightning enter your chest and you knew it was the Lord who had come to his temple.

         And you took hold of Him with your hands gripped tight and to your surprise he walked away with you for as long as you held on.

         And you would like to know what it meant?

         In holding onto the Spirit of the Lord, you were pressing on. And when you press on, the focus of your anointing is there where you are pressing on. So the Lord showed you just how powerful you are in Him when you are pressing on in that way, for "IT IS NOT BY MIGHT, NOT BY POWER BUT BY MY SPIRIT," says the Lord.

         The Lord is mighty in you to do His works.