The dream God gave you involved someone you knew in the past. A neighbor was in trouble and he needed deliverance.

         So you were reminded how dreams can be of a divine nature and you arranged transportation far to the North where your former neighbor lived in the wilderness.

         You arrived after no small difficulty and were invited to be his guest in the large wood home he had built with his skills as a carpenter. He was nearly out of money and so were you, so you two took on jobs cutting wood for others living on the edge of the wilderness.

         A rancher hired you to paint fences on his estate and let you have his princely suite while you were there. Your pride was inflated.

         You returned to your former neighbor's to stay with him and did not help out with the expenses, so he refused to pay you the money he owed you from a job you had done together. Your walking through the forests praising God had made you and your host very unpopular in those parts.

         You insisted on the payment since he had given his word, and when he reluctantly paid you what was yours; you left in the morning and preached through the forests from one rancher to the next til the sun was going down and you found the highway to the small villiage where you had gone to proclaim Christ

         The anointing of the Lord was so beautifully upon you as you walked for a half hour into town, you discovered you were on "the highway of holiness" spoken of in Isaiah 35:8.

         You came to a retired minister's humble home and knocked in the freezing cold early in Winter. You had no gear nor coat to keep you warm.

         He answered and tried to turn you away, but you told him you would sleep on his doorstep and die there in the night it was so cold. So he let you in to sleep on his old worn out sofa and tossed you a blanket without any further word, and closed the door to his room.

         In the morning you heard a vehicle drive up and it was your host who was going South. He had come to speak with the old man before leaving, so you went out to him with the tithe from all of your earnings in an envelope and handed it to him to his utter surprise. And he told you he couldn't thank you enough because he didn't have enough fuel to drive the five hundred miles to where construction work was waiting for him.

         He drove off and you went to the General Store and stood outside much of the day preaching to the farmers who happened in to get supplies.

         As the sun was going down, a religious couple signaled for you to come into their home where they invited to have dinner with them. It was there you learned the townfolks were going to kill you and you must go or die. There was no law in that part of the Country and just as soon as someone undesireable to their of thinking was murdered, they would bury them where no-one could ever hope to find them.

         So you set off immediately after dinner walking along the old double lane Country Road into the increasing cold of the night with frost settling on your uncovered head and you shivering.

         The night before you had walked on the highway of holiness in the paradise of the Spirit, now you were in danger of dying from the freezing cold.

         A pack of dogs came out to size you up for dogfood snarling at your heels, but you turned in the black dark night and stared them down; making moves occasionally to make yourself appear hostile and they trotted off hungry as they came.

         You went up one farm lane where there were several houses and the farmer came out to greet you with shotgun in hand even though you offered to pay to sleep the night.

         You went down the highway further in the cold dark night and up another lane to a knock on the door of a rancher's house to ask for a place to stay for the night, and he pointed out a vacant house without heat or electricity and offered no blanket to keep you warm in the freezing temperatures.

         It was a very tough night and in the morning you managed to catch a ride for a few miles with one of his ranch hands who had heard of you preaching in the backwoods. He dropped you off ten miles down the old Country highway in the freezing morning cold before the sun came up and the few drivers who came your way just kept right on going.

         Finally a religious Indian from a nearby reservation came by in a nice sports car and drove you into the nearest big city about fifty miles away where he bought you a brand new engraved Bible.

         From there you caught a freight train the thousand miles to Los Angeles and made a phone call to local Missionaries who picked you up emanciated and broke in rags and took you home to nurse you back to life.

         It was there you begin to use the same vulgar complaint your host in the North Country had used during your stay in his home, and you were wondering if that meant the demon who was oppressing him had come with you to trouble you?

         You say your use of the vulgar phrase the same as your host tipped you off the demon might have been oppressing you now.

         You can answer your own question by listening to the voices in your ear and if you hear a voice using the same vulgar language, it is most likely the same demon that was oppressing your host.

         After all, the demon had no further need of your host since his faith was encouraged so greatly by your paying him the tithe in his dire moment of need to return to work. So the demon thought to revenge himself of you and apparently has been succeeding. Once you find him out, speak to him to depart from you and he will go.