You heard yourself accused before the throne of God while you were preaching in a small city and you want to know more about it.

         You said you immediately fell to your knees and begged the Lord for mercy, but what did you do wrong?

         Let me say this to you. It is Christ who preaches in you. Therefore it is reasonable to believe Christ in you will intercede for you before the throne when you hear "the accuser of the brethren" accusing you before the Father in heaven.

         And since your conversation is now in heaven, you need to learn to listen more carefully to languaging of the accusation against you which is most likely going to be in a dark saying the Spirit will reveal to you.

         So instead of panicing at the hearing of yourself accused before the throne of God, let the hearing ear do its work of revealing to you the meaning of the accusation; and with the revelation let Christ in you intercede for you to the Father.

         In begging for mercy, you make the mistake of admitting your guilt to something you could have thrown out of court.