You are writing to find out if a dirty old homeless woman wearing rags was possessed.

         How do you suppose it possible for me to discern such matters for you?

         Of course it felt like she was possessed when you touch the unclean thing in the anointing of Christ which holy Scripture warns against your doing. She was possessed of every uncleanliness spiritually and physically.

         But were she possessed you would surely have gotten more of a witness than just the feeling of uncleanliness you felt when your hand inadvertently touched her filthy hand. Were there a demon inhabiting her, it is doubtful the demon would have been satisfied as she was with the handful of coins you were giving her.

         The divine Presence of the anointing stirs up demons where-ever you go. Surely you have noticed and were unmindful of it when you wrote.

         It is doubtful you could approach a demon possessed person in the anointing of Christ and not stir up their demon(s). So the answer is "No, the wretched old woman is not possessed."

         But keep in mind, "TOUCH NOT THE UNCLEAN THING." You work hard to enter into the Spirit of Christ. Why would you risk quenching his divine Spirit. Find another way to do your alms when you are in the anointing.