When the knowledge of God in me increased to where I was able to rid myself of all my worldly possessions and take up my Bible and walk the streets proclaiming Christ as Saviour to a dying world, I was naive to the existence of an antichrist spirit in the churches, in our national institutions and particularly in our police departments.

         So I came upon an occult church where they were entrusted with the care of the retarded, and out they came for a break in the sunshine inside a large fenced in yard. None of their caretakers were with them, so I immediately seized the opportunity knowing they could not be won by persuasion; I called out to them to join me in worship and upon hearing my joyful praises unto the Lord they broke into cheers toward heaven too.

         Of course their caretakers heard the commotion and charged into the yard to break up this horrible display of affection toward our Creator and I moved on to spare the retarded the sight of their caretakers screaming at me to make me a bad guy in their sight.

         Just a few blocks away, I came across another chain link fence, and this one was fencing in a massive school yard. While I was meditating on whether or not to wait for them to all come out to play in the yard, an officer for the local police department drove up in a black and white squad car and came over to me as a bull in human form.

         He accused me of having preached to the youth at the school where he found me which was a lie and I told him so. "If you want to have the right to accuse me as a public servant, you need to come in truth. I know who sent you."

         So he changed his tactics and ordered me to go to City Hall and apply for a permit to preach the gospel. I told him no as he repeated the order several times saying, "You will go to City Hall and apply for a permit!"

         "No, I will not."

         Very frustrated at my supposed obstinance, he asked in an emotional state, "By what right are you preaching the gospel?"

         "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel!" I answered pointing my finger at him to emphasize the point.

         He grabbed his chest and let out a loud groan and turned and fled to his patrol car and drove off and I soon became famous with that police department. One of their officers had become stuck in the chest by the sword of the Spirit.

         The sword of the Spirit is not figurative. It is real. It is literally a sword. It comes out of the mouth instead of the hand and it can be sunk deep into the heart when there is Spirit in the words provided by the anointing that Christ is for his true disciples who have studied to be approved of God, and have been called out to preach his Gospel. The Lord does arms his soldiers to do spiritual warfare.