The poverty of Christ in your wayfaring has taught you another lesson worthy of examination and you wish to know if you are gifted with the healing power of the Spirit.

         You were hungry and feasted on what had been thrown out the day before in the hot climate where you are presently praching the gospel, and felt blood poisoning immediately.

         Knowing you were dying and would black out very soon, you choose to quote "Nothing by any means will harm you" over and over and over again as you were walking and you put all of your faith to the promise and were miraculously healed.

         You say you fear a lack of commitment and focus were you to begin trying to heal the sick and are not sure you could come up with the right word for those in need of healing.

         But this was not the first time you had healed someone instanteously in the power of the Spirit proving it is within your power. Don't you see how wise it could be for you who are having great difficulty in raising crowds to preach to, to draw them in with healing power?