So the big city you were preaching in allows dirty book stores and sodomite bars and you were out there long into the night preaching to them from outside those businesses with hand held amplication and you want to know my thoughts on the matter.

         The witnesses who initially came out that night all had gone home by 1 A.M. in the morning but some of them have jobs and families. But there were still a few of you left when a patrol car pulled into the parking lot next to the one you were using and a Sergeant asked if you wanted to go to jail.

         You called back to him saying, "They needed you there too." And the patrol car drove off. Sure I think he was a believer, but you also want to know if you should continue to preach those kinds of businesses.

         Well, like any fisherman; you want to catch fish, so why not go where the fishing is better? You didn't win anyone that night did you?