You spent the day witnessing and preaching, and were "WISE AS A SERPENT, AND HARMLESS AS A DOVE" in the way you outwitted the large security team paid to guard the "THE STRONGHOLD OF THE DEVIL".

         When you had finished preaching a Gospel message to one crowd you had taken captive, a team of Security men surrounded you and one of them looked you in the eye to intimidate you; and as you looked back into his eyes he leaped back.

         And you were wondering why?

         Your eyes are not the same as they were before you became one with God. When your Adversary looked into your eyes, the hynotic power of the Lord's eye in you grabbed hold of his consciousness and he leaped back to get away from the grip you had on his mind.

         Were you not so soft on the Adversary and had moved in on him to look him in the eye, and turn his wrath away with a soft word; you might have kept "THE STRONGHOLD OF THE DEVIL" as a preaching and witnessing target, instead you let him gain control of the situation and you left in peace.