You seemed very exciting about a tree filled with birds erupting into their individual songs simultaneously when you began praising the Lord, after you had joined in night songs with them alone deep in the night.

         And you wanted to know if they were praising God with you or were just cheering you on in your worship of God?

         I am sure you have heard it written: "LET EVERYTHING THAT HAS BREATH PRAISE THE LORD."

         You were used of God to let those singers of beautiful songs PRAISE THE LORD too when they realized you were praising their Creator.

         The night is too dark for the diversified birds congregated in that great tree where you found them singing one after another, taking turns with such politeness as the Spirit showed you, that you were able to enter in to your part in their fellowship in song for a while.

         You can be sure they noticed they noticed one of those two legged human animals had entered into song with them for the first time in their lives. Our kind has shown ourselves to be noisy and out of tune to the winged inhabitants of tree and air to where they greatly appreciated your joining with them with such politeness as to recognize the God given rule they sing by in the night.

         So those singers of beautiful songs knew you were uniquely different.

         They greatly appreciated you before you took charge of their gathering in the dynamics of your anointed praises unto the Lord.

         Singing birds have perfect pitch when they sing the songs God has given them. Have you ever heard a bird sing off tune except for a crow?

         Many species of birds are professional singers in public daily, providing piped in background music for mankind as we go about our business, and I have never heard anyone complain of their singing day or night.

         Every bird has their own assigned songs to sing but there is a whole broadband of emotional sounds for them to choose from in their songs they are designed to sing perfectly forever.

         They all must have quickly realized your singing of praises meant you had more than the whistling you did to join in with their singing in the night.

         Their acute hearing told them you were not very well practiced at whistling a song in the night, though they allowed you your turn to whistle your quickie tune.

         I understand they took turns singing their tunes in about five seconds, so you whistled a tune for about five seconds when you thought your turn came among them, and you must have done well.

         They all listened to you down there on the sidewalk as they looked down from their hidden places in the thick foliage of the great tree. They could see you but you could but hear them.

         Oh beautiful experience!

         Where can anyone find a great tree filled with birds of all kinds singing beautifully in the night?

         You went out into the night to find someone to lead to the Lord but there was no-one in sight in the big city where you were staying.

         You heard their songs in the quiet of the night and went deep into the park where God blessed you all.

         The good Lord is preparing you to reign in Him, and He in you; as a King over the kingdom he provides in the world to come where birds will be protected, where no animal with two legs will presume to throw stones at them again or spray their food with chemicals as it grows in the earth!

         The songs of birds will be all the more appreciated in the world to come as the children of God grow more sensitized to what is going on around them in a worldwide revival of holiness such as has not yet entered into the imaginations or senses of natural man.

         I think its wonderful the Lord of glory connected you and a tree filled with various species of birds in A NIGHT OF PRAISE with angels as your witnesses.

         May God Almighty help you realize what a great responsibility He is preparing you for to rule over all of his creation where your kingdom is in the world to come!