You were seeking the Lord in prayer and fasting and in reading the holy Word and suddenly the wonderful consciousness of your youth manifested in the kingdom within you, and remained long enough for you to recognize it was you.

         And you wondered what it meant?

         Another treasure of the divine nature has been stored up for you in heaven, and this treasure is the remembrance of the wonderful consciousness God gave you in your youth when you were tested with poverty and a disfunctional family and were fragile of body.

         Now you know why it is so easy for children to smile for the camera.

         You were a rich child interiorly.

         In revealing this treasurable secret you did not know existed, you are now more aware what a beautiful soul exists in the children God brings into this world, and how you have lost such a beautiful consciousness to the troubles of this world.

         "Let the peace of God reign in your heart," and do nothing to quench it; as you continue to build a new consciousness in the growing Light of Christ.