You said in your letter it would be impossible for anyone to believe you this time. You were very upset saying the Lord moved your hands so you erased all of your many hours work on what was a valuable document to you.

         There is no lack of faith here to believe you. The Lord turned King David's sword in battle and almost got him killed if you remember your Scriptures correctly. Why would He not work in you to perform the thing appointed for you?

         Did it occur to you the Lord did not want the document you were preparing circulated for his own divine will? Why would you be angry with Him except He surprised you?

         You must be more prepared for surprises for "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD."

         The Lord knows more of how to promote His Gospel than we can ever know. So we ought to be at peace with Him when such surprises take place.

         "THE KINGDOM IS WITHIN." Keep looking inwardly to learn more of the Lord's mysterious workings in his anointed. "WHEN THE EYE IS SINGLE, THE WHOLE BODY IS FULL OF LIGHT." Enlightenment depends upon the diligent focus of your eye upon the guidance of the Spirit and your consciousness of what the Lord is showing you.