You were alone seeking the Lord regarding the transparent robe that appeared on you, when you realized there was no crown to go with the robe. So you asked the Lord in prayer to see your crown and saw a vision of your face crowned with thorns, and you want to know if you have to attain to a perfect and righteous martyrdom to receive a crown of glory.

         As you know every believer who endures to the end will receive the crown of Life in the world to come, but for those of us who become servants of the Lord for the remainder of our lives; there is the possibility we might attain to a crown of glory.

         Just as long as you deny yourself daily and take up your cross to follow the leading of the Spirit where-ever the Lord guides you daily, He will glorify you according to your obedience.

         You must not fear death, but desire a perfect and righteous martyrdom that the enmity which resides in all of us might be slain in you. In the destruction of the enmity within, you remove the potential for rebellion against the Lord forever and make a way for even greater glory in the world to come for you to enjoy the beauties of holiness.

         The vision of a crown of thorns was not meant as a promise you would be murdered in your service unto the Lord. The crown of thorns was meant for you to know the crucifixion of your flesh is the way to the glory of the Lord.