You had the most extra-ordinary experience when you laid hands on a drunk who was shaking terribly and with your eyes closed, you prayed for him in the Spirit and was surprised by a sudden explosion of power.

         Knowing that explosion of power must have meant he was healed, you opened your eyes declaring it; and found to your surprise he was already walking away.

         You turned to see him about twenty feet away and called out to him, only to find him turn about and say: "You don't think I am going to give my life to Jesus just because you healed me, do you? Then the reprobate continued on his way to destruction leaving you speechless.

         Do you not remember that only one of ten lepers healed by the Lord returned to give him glory?

         The wicked love their sins more than Life itself.

         Now you wish to know if you have been given a healing ministry. Yet you are a wayfaring man in a technological civilization where few people are found walking about in public, and the gathering of crowds spontaneously as in times of old is almost unheard of. The Lord will lead you to it in the guidance of his Spirit if that is what He wants to do through you.