It was good of you to inquire as to whether you have become a god while walking in the Spirit and power of Christ.

         Have you forgotten what took place in the Garden of Eden where the Serpent promised Adam and Eve they could become like God?

         They lived and moved and had their being in the Spirit and power of Christ through obedience to Him in all things. They suddenly decided to eat fruit from a tree God said not to eat of.

         In disobedience they hoped to become like gods. Instead they found themselves trapped in the world of sinful darkness with natural existence.

         How can you who were made from nothing become something?

         You are becoming a vessel suitable for the Master's use, and as you labor to increase in his Spirit; you will see more of the deity of Christ working in you.

         Moses parted the Red Sea miraculously to deliver the nation Israel trapped on shore. He appeared like a god in the flesh of a man to those who saw him working miracles, but Christ in him provided the supernatural power.

         God does not give his glory to man. He lives through "WHOLLY SANCTIFIED" human vessels when we obey Him in THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD.

         Great exterior works convince many they have become a god. Yet they could do nothing had God Almighty not spoken all created reality into existence and formed them in the womb of their Mothers before they could be brought into this world.

         The Caesars ruled over much of the visible world and came to think of themselves as gods, but they were only men.

         The ancient coin pictured here says "CAESAR AUGUSTUS TIBERIUS, SON OF THE DIVINE AUGUSTUS." Such Roman coins were blasphemous to Jesus who took a Roman coin and answered the crowd saying they should "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and unto God what is God's." In a subtle way hard to discern, the Lord denied the deity of Caesar while teaching Israelites to pay their dues to God. The Master was saying Caesar is a man, but God is God.

         A religious leader sees multitudes gathered to hear his message, and finds them easy to control; and afterwards, he departs in a multi-million dollar jet thinking himself an angel with wings. A little god.

         He is only a man.

         The sensory experience of Christ's divinity you perceive within your being in the anointing, suggests you have become what you divinely see, feel, hear, touch and smell in the extra-sensory state of the anointing.

         You are becoming a super sensitized individual, but cannot become a god. When the Israelites looked up the greats like Moses and Elijah, they were like gods to the people; but to the Spirit of Christ in them they were obedient human vessels loving God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and their neighbor as much as they loved themselves.

         The LORD our God is jealous for his glory and power. God retains his deity eternally. He never lends his deity nor does He give it away.

         There is only one God inhabiting Eternity. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end of all things.

         Be sure to write if you have any further concerns about the great mystery of godliness.

         God will be with you as you are with him.