American societies have agencies to take care of wounded animals, but wounded human animals wonder about unattended.

      America has a serious problem in relocating the homeless in its cities and towns because of real estate value concerns, so the obvious answer is to build the homeless their own town out in the desert complete with everything they need. Since their kind can be very unpredictable, a homeless town solely for the homeless would be built of cement with steel doors. An indestructable toilet and sink and an electric stove made of steel would be all they need individually. We are not talking about a lot of living space. I was homeless sixteen years as a wayfaring man (Isaiah 35:8) and would have been glad to have a twenty by twenty foot room with everything in it as long as it was safe from storms and intruders.

      Its easy to envision and even easier to do. Instead of dishing out wheelbarrows full of money to homeless agencies all over the country (of course they will scream bloody murder in the press when their money is redirected) who do little or nothing for the homeless, redirect those funds to the building of Homeless, U.S.A. somewhere off of a highway in Arizona where property values would not be effected and hire contracters to get to work.

      Its called American ingenuity. We are famous for it as a nation. Let's live up to our reputation.

      And lets not turn it into a prison where Judges are requiring people to live there. Lets get it right the first time. If bully American judges start requiring the homeless to relocate there, it should be an automatic violation of their rights irregardless of the reasoning of the judge or the willingness of the homeless defendent. Let the Federal government understand they must pass laws to keep Homeless, USA from becoming a prison camp for the homeless. The homeless need their own private shelters. Ownership of each shelter would remain with the government.

      Did you see the black guy with his right eye gone in the above video? It looks like he was hit with a shell in one of our wars. How did he end up out on the streets of a big city? I'll tell you how. The V.A. bullies veterans. So I can guarantee you the black guy will not live in a desert prison town with oppressors ruling over him. He prefers to hold a cup out to cars passing by for donations so he can be a free man. Homeless, USA must be free! It must be free from bully government officials. It must be free from bully security guards. It must be free from bully landlords. It must be totally free from all costs of living and the burdens oppressors like to invent.

      It must be free from Psychiatrists injecting psychotic drugs in the tenants against their will. It must be free from the kind of laws we observe in residential and apartment communities. The homeless need to be able to make all of the noise they want, to litter, to urinate in the town, and do other things that make them undesireable to ordinary law abiding society. Where the law needs to draw the line in Homeless, USA is in regard to violence, rape and theft.

      What I am proposing to America is easy enough to understand. Lets do ourselves a favor and provide a town for undesireables of every kind and let them continue to be undesireable among themselves as long as they do not commit violence upon one another. Lets make the housing and the fencing so strong they can't destroy it. Lets move the problems they cause in American cities and towns away from our children and our youth so they can no longer set a bad example for them. Lets build Homeless, USA while there is still time and when this generation of homeless Americans dies off, Homeless, USA will still be there for the next generation.

      The tenants must have sufficient space and fenced in privacy to grow their own little garden. They must have fireproof shelters to protect them from those homeless who are crazy enough to set a fire. They must have a steel door they can lock behind them so they can get a decent nights sleep. And they must have electricity for lights, heat and cooking.

      Make sure plenty of extra land is purchased and plenty of electrical power is made available. There are a lot more homeless people in the United States than anyone knows, and of course others will want to go to Homeless, USA for the free ride. The latter can be cured by making it necessary for there to be some proof of cronic homelessness as a qualifier.

      American citizens are too busy taking care of their own individual needs to consider seriously all of the problems in our nation. Everyone would like to see homelessness cured in America, but our nation lacks the leadership. It lacks the vision. It lacks the will. Yet here it is folks. Homeless, USA. All kinds of homelessness ends in Homeless, USA because the drug addict can live there in peace. The drunk can live there in peace. The crippled can live there in peace. The aged can live there in peace. The lazy bum who doesn't want to work can live there in peace. The mental can live there in peace. How? If its built right, they can lock the steel door behind them and putter around their garden or go inside and watch their TV. They have no taxes to pay, no rent to pay, no electric bills to pay.

      A local store will accept their food stamps. The government will haul off their trash containers to the town dump and homeless volunteers will go around and pick up trash so Homeless, USA doesn't get too trashy. Lets not be afraid to give them something to do for themselves.

      Take a good look at the swollen foot of the man in this picture. He is partially disabled. The burden of any nation is for the strong to help the weak. When someone cannot care for themselves, society ought to accept the responsibility to care for them.

      The foot you are about to see has such long toe nails and filth, it appears the individual is reprobate. We are told in holy Scripture that when someone chooses not to know God in their understanding, that the Lord will turn them over to a reprobate mind which suggests he no longer shines his light in their consciousness. Nonetheless, although the individual has been reduced to an animal in the way he lives; society ought to care for him. We do no less for our animals.

      Every human is housed in a body of flesh on this planet, and though these bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made, they do break down. Therefore society ought to be organized to offer a helping hand also to those who can help themselves, so they can adjust to their reduced conditions and become profitable not only to themselves but to all of us.

      America needs to become an ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL NATION.