Perhaps we need a reminder of the hopelessness of the great Depression and the many who found themselves suddenly homeless during those trying years, to settle it in our minds that homelessness in America is a phenomonon that can be understood and solved.

      There were investors who leaped to their deaths from high rise buildings when they discovered their riches had spread their wings and flown away. Many a family lost everything. Jobs, homes, cars. Here we have a picture of a family walking down the highway. They apparently could not afford a bus or train ticket, but might have been on their way to their nearest of kin who might have had some resources.

      Some families managed to scrape up enough money to buy an old vehicle to carry them and their few belongings off to some other place where they had hope of finding work or to kinfolk who were in better financial condition than themselves.

      It was quite a battle for the nation economically, but America was doing much better by the time it was dragged into World War II. War industries soon employed the entire nation effectively bringing the great Depression to a close, and this generation would be wise to consider the possibility of another major Depression taking place again.