l. A spiritual Church cannot be established without spiritual mindedness:

2. A pastor who receives a paycheck is a hireling. (St. John 10) He is of little or no spiritual good to a congregation. Neither should you ever accept ordination papers as proof of anyone's ministry qualifications. When did the Lord ever hand out ordination papers? There is only one true test. "You shall know them by their fruits." (Galations 5:22)

3. The treasury of a Church is already designated for "the poor, the widow, the stranger and the Levite" according to Moses. Tithes received by a congregation are not earmarked for building houses of religion. It is best to have group managment of the Lord's tithes with accountability. "The love of money is the root of all evil."

4. A congregation that meets with a theological mindset is not going to seek the Lord to reveal "the great mystery of godliness." Far better to have just a few open minded believers gathering together to search the Scriptures than ten thousand minds already made up.

5. "Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up." Avoid becoming just a student of theology or you will become another well versed religious leader opposed to the cross of Christ. Make sure you have a regular witnessing habit to balance your study of the Word and give charitably where it is right.

6. A believer cannot know the perfect will of God for his life without seeking the Lord for it. Cease from the pride of your self conceit in supposing you know the will of God for your life. "Seek the Lord with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength" as God's word says for you to do. Only then can you hope to know his revealed will for you today.

7. Avoid meetings where one man does the talking and everyone else does the listening. Jesus came to set us free, but religious leaders will bring you into bondage if you let them. Meetings can be held where everyone retains their freedom of speech. Try sitting in a circle of chairs. Avoid podiums.

8. Avoid worldly conversations altogether when you meet. Save your storytelling and advice seeking on worldly matters for one on one situations when you are not dragging the entire group down into carnality with you.

9. If you cannot break bread regularly house to house with those with whom you are in fellowship, something is seriously wrong. You need to know and have access to the lives of those participants with whom you fellowship and they need to know yours. Furthermore, if you challenge them or they you, there must be humility or someone is not accountable to the others. No-one in a spiritual group is above accountability.

10. Once you have established a group searching the Scriptures together, all of you should cease attending meetings elsewhere or confusion will be sown into your group. No man can study religion and grow spiritually. The two do not mix.

11. Never make up a Church bulletin organizing a meeting. Leave the work of the Holy Ghost to the Holy Ghost.

12. There should be a kind of excommunication to discipline those not stedfast to things of God as they are revealed to the group of truth seekers.

Do everything in love wisely.

13. Many corrupted versions of religious songs are in song books. What your group sings should be carefully decided on before or you will discover yourselves singing false doctrine.

14. Just as pastors should not work for a paycheck, singers should not merchandise music.

The Spirit is quenched by love of money and vain glory.

Music is not intended to glorify singers. Neither is the dance intended to be lusty nor people centered, but God centered. Get some Jewishness into your meetings if you can. Catholocism and Christianity are founded on Judaism. Your holy KJV 1611 Bible was written by holy Jewish men including the book of Saint Luke.

We are "a people created for God's praise."

God could sing through you to Himself if you were of a mind to meet Him there in seeking the fullness of His Spirit.

There is a great mystery of godliness.

15. The merchandising of teachings of God is unwise.

"Buy the truth and sell it not."
Proverbs 23:23.

16. There is also no need for microphones or pulpits. Those devices encourage one person to be in control when it is really the Holy Spirit's meeting.

Let him run it.

Leave religion to religion.

Go where you are free.

17. Do not bother naming the group.

It is prideful.

There is no Biblical precedence to name a Church.

There is one Church, but many divisions.

Why add one more?

18. Avoid boasting about your meetings to recruit others to come to them. (Boasting about where you meet is you boasting about you being holy because you are in attendance there, and persons you talk to are supposed to believe they would become holy by attending there too, but it doesn't work that way. Holiness is not attained to by attending a particular church, but by strict and absolute obedience to the Spirit of the Word gold mined from the holy Book to live it!)


As you advance from glory to glory, you still have a long way to go to "grow up into Christ," particularly those of you employed in the world. But true disciples are so rare today in America, "the laborers are few."

You can only serve one Master perfectly.

"Study to show yourself approved of God, a workman with no need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth."

If you are truly totally committed, the Lord knows it and will call you into his work once you are sufficiently skillful in dividing his Word to walk in THE HOLY SPIRIT ANOINTING.

You are his work.

Avoid presumtuousness in a matter of such importance to your life.

Build the Spirit of Christ within, ... bearing the cross of a living sacrifice with the Spirit leading step by step, mile by mile, day by day, year by year, in e+ray vision in great mysteries far above human understanding.

The anointing teaches all things.

There you are enlightened by "the anointing of Christ's holy Presence teaching all things as you follow Him in all He would have you do." Step out of the perfect will of God into your self will and you will not have Christ's holy Presence in you long.

When you come into the knowledge your soul thirsts for, "the knowledge of the holy is understanding."

From the unseen Christ comes the calling to discipleship, the next rung in the spiritual ladder upwards toward God and Sainthood, the next dimension of reality; the higher plane.

There in the depth of the Spirit of the ocean God is, is another Life that can really be divine if you will work with God Almighty to do it together in His anointing!