We are born empty of hate or love and if we are not involved in regenerative faith in Christ we degenerate into evil beasts made to be destroyed as more bad habits are developed.

      Hate is the opposite of love. Those who hate demand their own way and make it difficult or even impossible for anyone to work with them. They threaten and retaliate violently against perceived offenses ultimately isolating themselves from true friendship of any kind.

      Hate is irrationale and insensitive to others and is easily provoked. Those who hate have too high an opinion of their own selves are are contentious often times without a cause, turning people off, and thereby defeating their own purposes.

      This is the story of Marvin Heemeyer who welded a bulldozer into an armor plated tank and wrecked seven million dollars in damage in Granby, Colorado. The destructive rampage was premeditated over a long period of preparation and was not done in a fit of temper, but was Heemeyer's judgment of hate upon the properties of those citizens in Granby he held a grudge against for perceived offenses in a long drawn out legal battle with the town.

      In the late 1990s the Docheff family approached Heemeyer to buy his muffler shop in order to build a concrete batch plant on the land. Heemeyer had bought the land for $42,000. Docheff said they agreed to buy the land for $250,000, but Heemeyer raised the price to $375,000. Having grown weary of Heemeyer’s indecisiveness, the Docheffs went to the Granby City Council and sought to re-zone the land surrounding Heemeyer’s muffler shop. So Heemeyer's greed and contentiousness started the fight that he lost at City hall.

      "God built me for this job", Heemeyer said in a recording. He said it was God's plan he not be married or have a family so he could be in a position to carry out such an attack. "I think God will bless me to get the machine done, to drive it, to do the stuff that I have to do", he said. "God blessed me in advance for the task I am about to undertake. It is my duty. God has asked me to do this. It's a cross I am going to carry and I'm carrying it in God's name."

      In the audio tapes, he states: "Because of your anger, because of your malice, because of your hate, you would not work with me. I am going to sacrifice my life, my miserable future that you gave me, to show you that what you did is wrong." There is no doubt Heemeyer's business was damaged by lack of cooperation from city government, and that he would have probably remained a law abiding citizen had he not been oppressed and provoked, but every city in America victimizes its businessmen in some way or another. Cities grow and when they do, someone loses.

      One of the local residents whose name is Cautrell said of Heemeyer. "He was a good businessman; he did a fine job and he'd never overcharge you. They ruined his business when they put the concrete plant in".

      Heemeyer did not show the towns people what they did wrong, but he showed them what he did wrong in judging contrary to the goodness of the laws of the land. Had he been humble instead of proud, wise instead of foolish, rationale instead of irrationale; Heemeyer would have set up shop in some other community to serve them once it became clear he was not favored in Granby, Colorado.

      Granby town mayor Edward Wang calling him an "unpleasant man, full of bluster and rage — I’m trying to be politically correct, but this guy was a nasty son of a bitch — he had the maturity level of a 5 year old." Now just to make the record clear here, the author is not suggesting Mayor Wang and the city council of Granby were Saints living in holiness, and there is a strong possibility the Mountain Park Concrete Company made campaign contributions to win the zoning fight against Heemeyer and citizens in Granby.

      Nonetheless, hate does not produce good results, but love does. That is why we are not to judge even though we know we've been wronged. We are to discern preferably in advance before we are injured in any way, and when our discernment fails and we find ourselves the tail instead of the head; we are to forgive and even love our enemies and move on.

      Wrecking disasters upon others would leave the entire world in ruins were everyone made of the same stuff of a Marvin Heemeyer. Those who want to glory in what Heemeyer did are wrong. It is a serious mistake to call him a patriot. He was not told by God to wreck revenge upon the town. "Vengeance is mine," saith the LORD. "I will repay."


      Bible believers need to keep in mind the two commandments by which we all can fulfill the law of the Lord in His Spirit. Love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and your neighbor as much as you love yourself.

      What you are welcome to view in this next video is evidence of the total opposite of love. It is also a sign of coming events in America.

      Godless whites and blacks hating one another, and when one organized hate group incites a white hating community of blacks to riot with mostly white police escorting them into their neighborhoods; mobs gather and attack the police for their part in the hate march and they are driven out.

      This kind of godless and hateful anarchy on both the part of whites and blacks is a sure sign America is headed toward a major Civil War from which it will never recover. Blacks, Whites, Latino's, Orientals, and Muslims all at war one with another.

      These White Supremacists do not represent White Americans at all. They are driven by hate and intend to crush us under their feet too.

      I personally believe the police should have let the Nazi's march into the black neighborhoods unarmed at their own risk. They could have mobilized their riot police out of sight of the black community knowing they would have to go in and rescue those White Supremacists, but their freedom to march does not imply any responsibility on the part of police departments to accompany them. When the Ohio police accompanied those White Supremacist haters of everything that is good, they implied their support for them; and their disdain of the black population the Nazi's intended to subdue. It was an obvious declaration of war and the blacks met it with mob violence expressing their own racist hatred.


      Charles Manson is still alive and threatening in prison. Listen carefully to what he has to say as he explains his right to kill. He thinks he would have felt better had he murdered four or five hundred people. This is the voice of hatred. The wicked do not rest at night unless they have shed blood. If Manson is remorseful about anything, it is his stupidity in being caught so that he could not continue murdering people.

      He admits to murder, threatens murder, then plays the nut who says he never murdered anyone.

      He admits to being incompetent. He refers to himself as a petty thief. He calls himself a failure. He makes his excuses. He makes boasts. He wants to be intimidating and loves the Media attention, but is really just a "brute beast made to be destroyed" waiting to die and go to hell where God Almighty's wrath will burn the hate out of his spirit forevermore.

      The tape cuts off a little short of letting him finish his sentence, where he is quoted saying, "Belive me..if I started murdering people, there would have no one been left."