"Our God is a consuming fire." (Hebrews 12:29)

      In hell the anger of God burns up the prisoners there consuming them totally. They know nothing but torment day and night and are no longer able to meditate on any of the thoughts they enjoyed when they were among the living. They are no longer alive in the sense of the word as we know it, but experience death continually.

      Imagine if you will, thousands of years immobilized in the blackness of darkness where there is no light, no activity, only silence, where the prisoners in hell no longer have the luxury of a thought while boiling in the heat endlessly without any idea at all as to what is going on above on the earth where we the living enjoy sunlight and moonlight, wind and rain.

      What do you think happens to the spirits of dead men and women in such a prison where they ultimately will not be able to remember even their own name or who they were in this life.

      Then comes The Great White Throne Judgment after the Millenium Age where the Book of Life is searched to see if their name is in it; and when those of the second Resurrection hear their name is not found; they are thrown into the lake of fire alive in the flesh.

      So it is a very bad joke sinners have played on themselves saying they would rather party in hell than obey God in heaven. There is no party in hell.

      When the personality imprinted on the spirits in hell is consumed by the consuming fire that God is, the spirit returns to God from where it came. So the purpose of hell is not so much punishment as it is the consuming of the sinful personality that spirit became in this world.

      "God is all powerful," (Jeremiah 16:17) and is capable of becoming terrible. (Psalm 47:2) Therefore it is wise to fear him.