GOD REVEALS HIS SECRETS TO HIS PROPHETS: (Amos 3:7) And there is a reason for it. His prophets are totally dead to self and alive to God so the LORD is able to move in them and have his being in them (2 Corinthians 6:16) and to speak through them; so they do not speak from their own self will but from his Spirit.

      This is what makes a Prophet like Elijah so dangerous when men think to treat him like a man and oppress him as they did when King Ahab sent fifty men to arrest him and bring him to the palace; then lightning bolts came down and destroyed the first to militia's of fifty men. For Elijah not only had done nothing deserving of arrest, God was walking in him in the form of Christ.

      Once you realize God is able to manifest in whatever form he pleases, then you will know him better.