It is difficult to comprehend how God looks at people. He possesses infinite understanding and knowledge. He is our Creator. Our lives are predestined by him. He is also the Judge of all the earth.

      When God looks down upon the earth, he sees mankind as you might see a swarm of grasshoppers. (Isaiah 40:22)

      When a President comes into a city, many come out to greet him in these days of prosperity. They are respecters of persons. When a General walks into a hotel to pay for a room for the night with an entourage accoompanying him; those who work there are especially attentive to his needs and wants. He too is a very important person. When a rich prince from Saudi Arabia drives into a community of this world with a long entrourage of vehicles and body guards, people respect him.

      Yet, God is "NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS." (Acts 10:34, 2 Samuel 14:14) "HE RESPECTS NOT ANY THAT ARE WISE OF HEART." (Job 37:24) "IF YOU BE WISE, YOU WILL BE WISE FOR YOURSELF." (PROVERBS 9:12) A man works hard to become wise and to build a God consciousness, then "KNOWLEDGE PUFFS UP." He becomes egotistical and arrogant before God, expecting God to respect his wisdom. Yet his finite wisdom is nothing compared to the infinite wisdom of God.

      Presidents and Generals do not impress him at all.

      It is just as easy for God to make a President as it is for him to make a janitor. It is just as easy for him to make a wise man as it is for him to make a fool. So God does not respect the wise for their wisdom, or the President for his power. God's foolishness is greater than man's wisdom. He gives power to men whom he chooses, and takes it away when it pleases him to do so.

      Many are puffed up for one thing or another that impresses them, but God is the Predestinator of our lives on the earth; he is not impressed with a person's wealth, knowledge, influence, good looks, education, talent. There is nothing man can do to impress God, but we can humble ourselves before him daily as much as that is possible for us. And if we find favor with God, we may also find his blessings without any sorrow added to them.

      Once you know God's mindset in not respecting people for any good appearance they may be able to make, you ought to come out from among them and be separated unto God.

      Saint James tells of a rich man coming in bedecked with jewels, how he was given a front seat in the congregation while a poor lowly man was left to sit in the back. It is sinful of the Lord's people to respect a man because of his wealth, yet the churches respect the wealthy and favor them over the poor and lowly. St. James 2:9, Proverbs 28:21

      Be holy as God is holy. Put on the mind of Christ as much as that is possible for you. And know this, that the bearing of the cross of the living sacrifice helps holy men balance the wisdom God gives them, so they can avoid becoming puffed up egotistically.