No one can hide their thoughts from God. He hears all of the thoughts of mankind moment of the day and night. He never "slumbers or sleeps."

      God says in his holy Word, "He who covers his sins shall not prosper." You are inviting judgment when you cover your sins.

      God sees all of mankinds goings. (Job 34:21) (Psalm 33:13) He is totally tuned into you.

      King David told us we could go down into hell and God would be there. There is no hiding place from his Omnipresence.

      God knows all creatures (Psalm 72:18) including the animals of the forests and jungles of the world.

      His ability to know you better than you know yourself is incomprehensible.

      "He is able to give you exceedingly abundantly above all you THINK or ask."

      Even your thoughts can become as though they were prayers when God hears you think them.

      Serve Almighty God and His Holy Son, Jesus through the holy Spirit!