God fills heaven and earth, (Jeremiah 23:24) yet no man has seen him.

      God sees all of mankinds movements in their totality. (Job 34:21) A sparrow cannot fall to the ground without him noticing it.

      God works in mankind to will and to do. He quickens all things. No thought can be withheld from him. (Job 42:2)

      God "WALKS IN THE CIRCUIT OF HEAVEN." (Job 22:14) God walks among the planets and stars in the circuit the universe moves in. The universe is his garden.

      God has set his glory "ABOVE THE HEAVENS." (Psalm 108:1 & 148:13) Man armed with the most powerful of telescopes cannot find God. He is above it all.

      If you want to know God, you will need to know He is everywhere you are ever going to go before you get there, and He will deposit the incorruptible seed of His Spirit in you so you can grow up into Christ likeness and know Him who Created you.